What sets flat traditional lashes apart from classic ones? Do flat lashes weigh less than classic lashes? How do you go about applying flat eyelash extensions?
Flat traditional lashes are emerging as the current craze in the realm of eyelash extensions, and their appeal is skyrocketing. There are multiple factors contributing to this surge in popularity, and it is expected to continue its upward trajectory.
Opting between classic and flat lashes can present a challenge, particularly when venturing into unfamiliar territory. If you find yourself uncertain about the most suitable style for your clients, let’s delve into the particulars to assist you in making an informed decision.


Flat traditional lashes are precisely what their name suggests. They possess a flattened shape and represent the latest trend in the realm of lash extensions. In fact, they have also been referred to as “Ellipse” and “Cashmere” lashes. Flat traditional lashes offer numerous benefits and are particularly well-suited for classic or hybrid lash sets. In comparison to traditional full-set lashes of the same weight, flat lashes create a denser and more striking appearance. Thanks to their broader bonding surface, flat lashes ensure superior lash retention. Additionally, these lighter lashes minimize potential harm to the natural lashes. Both varieties of lashes can be customized according to the client’s preferences, thanks to the availability of various lengths and thicknesses.

Moreover, flat lashes are unquestionably suitable if you desire featherweight lashes that necessitate only a small amount of adhesive. They prove to be an ideal choice for clients with fragile and abbreviated natural lashes, while still attaining an authentically exquisite appearance.

Jet Black Flat Traditional Lashes

Our ultimate goal as lash artists is to provide our clients with nothing short of the finest quality. This is why, when selecting bespoke, high-end lashes, our focus remains on achieving the utmost naturalness and beauty. If you haven’t experienced the allure of traditional flat lashes, you’re in for a treat. These lashes boast an impeccable matte texture, seamlessly blending into the client’s natural lashes while preserving their inherent splendor. They serve as the optimal preference for clients seeking a full yet naturally captivating appearance.

Tinted Flat Traditional Lashes

In the quest to enhance your client’s mesmerizing gaze, a plethora of eyelash extension types and curl patterns are readily available. Among these, colored lash extensions persist as an enduring trend that never fails to captivate!
When it comes to selecting the perfect lash extensions, opting for flat-tinted extensions is a foolproof choice. Whether your client seeks the warm hues of brown lashes, the earthy allure of green or blue lashes, the audacious vibrancy of rainbow lashes, or even an alluring flair with red or purple lashes, the possibilities are boundless! By incorporating color-infused flat traditional lashes into your repertoire, you have the opportunity to manifest your creativity and deliver a truly unique lash extension experience tailored to your client’s mood. With your artistic finesse, your clients will undoubtedly be in capable hands, resulting in a captivating and distinctive lash enhancement.

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The rise in popularity of flat lashes over classic lashes is hard to ignore. But what makes flat lashes so sought after? While classic lashes do possess certain advantages, lash artists are gravitating towards flat lashes due to their ability to deliver a more dramatic appearance without compromising the health of the client’s natural eyelashes. In terms of the application process, the fundamentals remain fairly similar; however, there are notable distinctions. Classic lashes feature a round base, whereas flat lashes boast a more oval-shaped base. This subtle variation plays a significant role in creating the most flattering lash effect. Consequently, lashes of the same weight exhibit striking disparities between classic and flat styles. While classic lashes yield a gentle and natural aesthetic, flat lashes bestow the eye with a captivating eyeliner-like wispy effect.
Classic lash extensions can be affixed to the top, side, or bottom of the client’s natural lashes. In contrast, flat lashes are typically applied exclusively to the top or bottom.
Due to their superior health benefits, enhanced safety, reduced weight, softer texture, and improved retention, flat lash extensions are favored over classic lashes.


When it comes to selecting the ideal lash set, the choice ultimately depends on the individual client. However, flat lashes offer a range of benefits that make them a versatile and appealing option, regardless of whether you are a novice or an experienced lash artist.

⦁ Perfect for clients seeking a more striking rendition of classic lashes.
⦁ Enhanced retention due to a larger bonding surface.
⦁ Lighter weight reduces potential damage to natural lashes.
⦁ Particularly suitable for clients with fragile natural lashes.
⦁ Provides a textured appearance without the added weight of standard classic lashes.
⦁ A minimal adhesive is required during application.
⦁ The primary distinction between classic and flat lashes resides in their foundation.
⦁ For clients desiring a touch of vibrancy or a bolder classic lash style, flat color lashes offer an excellent choice.

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