Why Are My Lash Extensions Clumping Together

Why Are My Lash Extensions Clumping Together (& How to Fix)

In this article, we will discuss why are my lash extensions clumping. I aspire to achieve a flared, fluttery, and fanned-out look for my lash extensions. I completely agree that clumpy lashes are undesirable not only because of their appearance but also because they can affect the health of your natural lashes. If you’re experiencing clumpy or stuck-together lash extensions, keep reading! In this post, I’ll provide tips on how to prevent lash extensions from clumping and help you pinpoint potential causes, which could even include your lash stylist.

Lash Extensions Clumping Together

How to Prevent Lash Extensions from Clumping

1- Regularly Cleanse Them

It’s important, to begin with the fundamentals. Many lash extension problems stem from inadequate cleaning, so ensure that you clean your lashes daily. Otherwise, oil and debris accumulation could result in your extensions sticking together.

2- Opt for the Appropriate Cleanser

Ensure that you are using the appropriate cleanser to wash your lash extensions. I highly suggest using a specialized lash shampoo. But alternatives such as face wash, micellar water, or baby shampoo may also be used. However, stay away from any cleaners that have oil or alcohol, since they may reduce the strength of the adhesive.

3- Use a Tool to Clean Them

It is strongly advised to use a specialized brush for cleaning lash extensions or a soft, fluffy eyeshadow brush. Using your fingers won’t provide thorough cleaning, and cotton pads may cause lash pulling or deposit residue.

Tool to Clean Them

4- Brush Them

Undoubtedly, the simplest technique to separate clumped eyelash extensions rapidly and ensure they appear voluminous and fluffy is by brushing them. Ensure your lashes are completely dry, then brush them several times with a fresh spoolie. Keep in mind that this will be effective only if they are momentarily stuck together or tangled.

Brush Them

5- Sleep with Caution

Sleeping on your belly or pulling your blankets over your face can disturb your lash extensions. In most cases, improper sleeping habits result in lashes being ripped off or contorted, but clumping can also be a problem.
Ensure that you sleep on your back and avoid pulling the blankets beyond your chest. You can even buy specialized pillows to assist you with your sleeping posture, or you can attempt to wear a curved eye mask to shield your lashes.

6- Evaluate the Techniques of Your Lash Technician

If you’ve followed all the tips and still notice clumpy extensions. It’s possible that your lash technician may not be applying the lashes correctly. Check your lashes for any visible adhesive residue and separate any that appear to be stuck together.
If you suspect that the issue is with your lash stylist, consider discussing it with them or finding a new technician. In more severe cases of clumping, you may need to have your current extensions removed and have a fresh set applied by a different stylist.

Why Are My Lash Extensions Clumping Together?

There are numerous reasons why your lash extensions may be clumping together. Unfortunately, the main issue I come across is inadequate application technique from the technician.
Irrespective of the style of lashes you choose, your technician must perfectly isolate each of your natural lashes before attaching any extension lashes to them. Clumping, also known as “stickies,” happens when the isolation is substandard. And one extension ends up attached to more than one natural eyelash. However, if clumping only becomes a problem in the days or weeks following your extension procedure, there may be an issue with your aftercare. Temporary clumping can arise from oil accumulation or insufficient combing.

Are Eyelash Extensions Supposed to Be Clumpy?

It’s important to note that clumpy eyelash extensions are not supposed to be a normal result. In some styles, such as hybrid and volume extensions, multiple extensions are glued to one natural lash, which some people might describe as “clumpy.” Nevertheless, this is a deliberate technique known as “volume fans,” which is the sought-after outcome. The issue arises when the extensions are not perfectly isolated and end up attached to multiple natural lashes, which is not ideal.

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