Who invented false eyelashes and the process of development?

False eyelashes are a kind of artificial eyelash used to beautify the eyes. Generally, by lengthening and thickening the eyelashes, the eyes look bigger, brighter, fuller, and more energetic.

False eyelashes have a long history, and records of false eyelashes can be found in ancient Egyptian and Roman literature as early as 2000 BC.

Materials for making false eyelashes include plastic, cotton, feathers, and other materials, and with the use of false eyelashes made of different materials, the effects (such as exaggerated stage effects) are also different.

The development process is as follows:

  • In 3100 BC, ancient Egyptians used a mixture of crocodile dung, donkey liver, and honey to paint their eyelashes.
  • In 1913, American chemist Williams invented a “magic wand” for eyelashes that was made of toner and petroleum jelly in order to help his sister Meibao find her sweetheart. Two Williams himself was inspired by this and founded the Maybelline Maybelline brand
  • In 1914, makeup artist Max factor invented “crayon mascara”, which can increase the effect of eyelashes by heating the mascara to make it drip on the eyelashesIn 1931, the first eyelash curler, kurlash, came out. This $5 eyelash curler needs to be used on each eye for 10 minutes to curl the eyelashes.
  • In 1938, Austrian dancer and performer Helene Vierthaler Winterstein patented what he claimed was the “first waterproof mascara”. But this product containing 50% turpentine is rumored to cause allergic reactions
  • In 1950, Maybelline scientists began to add ingredients such as beeswax and elastic fiber to the mascara brush head and invented it. Mascara began to enter the field of high-tech product development
  • 1957, Helena Rubinstein introduces liquid mascara in a tube with a mascara brush
  • In 1966, the British newspaper “the daily express” published a photo of twiggy wearing 6 pairs of false eyelashes on the upper and lower eyelids to increase the thickness of the eyelashes. Ladies began to imitate this trend and dress themselves up with these false eyelashes on certain occasions
  • In 1998, a kind of makeup technique introduced into China from abroad can make eyelashes thicker, longer, and more warped.

When can the history of false eyelashes be traced back?

The history of false eyelashes can be traced back to 1916 and was invented by an American director named David Griffith. False eyelashes are a beauty product, artistically designed to express the elf-like temperament between the eyes and eyelashes. Specially designed to be sheer, the color of the tinted lashes falls completely on the face. Many fashionable ladies like to use false eyelashes to beautify their eyes, the correct use will make the eyes lovely.

As the popular song says, “long eyelashes” are the “most beautiful symbol” that every delicate girl wants to have. But in reality, not all girls can grow a pair of naturally curly long, so chic and delicate lashes have become the object of pursuit of many delicate girls.

The dangers of using false eyelashes

  • Inflamed eyelids are caused by an allergic reaction to chemicals or dirt buildup in the glue used to attach them.
  • Shrinkage of the eyelash follicles caused by an inflamed eyelid can lead to thinning of the true eyelashes.
  • The real eyelashes fall out, become unhealthy, or regrow in the wrong direction due to frequent plucking of.
  • Real or may fall into the eyes and cause eye irritation. Vision loss may result if you rub your eyes until abrasions or infections develop around the cornea.
  • If the eyelid area is not cleaned properly, it can cause Clogged Eyelids That’s What Causes Dry Eye.s

Are eyelash extensions risky?

Grafting eyelashes is a beauty project performed on the eyes, and of course, there are certain risks. The risks of eyelash extensions are mainly related to the technique of the eyelash artist and the glue used.

Some eyelash artists have not received systematic training, and eyelash infections are prone to occur if the eyelashes are not glued tightly or the glue directly touches the eyelids.

It’s a trivial matter if it just sticks to the outer eyelids, but if the glue touches the eye hair follicles or eyelids and irritates the eyes, it is prone to itching, redness, tears, and other uncomfortable situations, and it will cause serious eye irritation. The occurrence of inflammation.

How to Use False Eyelashes Safely

  • Use false eyelashes and standard glue.
  • Always wash your hands before wearing them.
  • Do not rub your eyes while wearing false eyelashes.
  • Not suitable for long-term continuous use
  • Clean eyelash accessories after use.
  • Do not share false eyelashes with others.
  • Cleanse your eyelids regularly.

Watch for unusual symptoms such as swelling, eyelid redness, eye pain, redness of the eye, and decreased vision. should see an ophthalmologist immediately. If you need to use false eyelashes, you should learn how to do them correctly and use them with caution.

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