Which lash tweezers do I utilize for varying treatments?

Every lash tweezer specialist comprehends the intricacy involved in eyelash extension applications, and the key to mastering the technique lies in discovering the appropriate tweezers for your needs.

The market offers a wide array of eyelash tweezers, making it challenging to select among curved, straight, or angled tweezers for various treatments. Each tweezer is crafted with a specific purpose in mind, catering to different uses. For example, when aiming to produce volume fans, it is necessary to utilize tweezers that possess a generously sized surface area, enabling skillful fanning of the extensions..

lash tweezer serve as a fundamental component of your lashing technique. If your eyelash tweezers lack quality or do not align with your lashing style, the overall quality of your sets will suffer. Individual preferences, application techniques, and time management all contribute significantly to discovering the ideal set of eyelash extension tweezers customized to meet your requirements. With practice and the aid of this guide, we are confident that you can discover an impeccable combination of tweezers to elevate your lashing technique.


Classic eyelash extensions serve as the fundamental building block of a lash professional’s expertise, presenting an ideal opportunity to experiment with various styles of tweezers to determine your personal preference. When it comes to isolating, selecting, and attaching lashes, it is crucial to work with tools that you find comfortable. However, it is advisable not to limit yourself to a single tweezer style for all types of treatments.

For isolating natural lashes during classic lash applications. You can opt for either straight or angled lash tweezer, depending on your technique and personal inclination.

If you prefer straight tweezers, the BELO Lash long sharp tip isolation tweezer is an excellent choice for classic lash treatments. This tweezer features an elongated handle, allowing easy access to the inner corners and ensuring precise isolation even with challenging lashes. Designed ergonomically, the long straight handle provides a comfortable grip, minimizing hand fatigue.

On the other hand, if angled tweezers are more your preference for isolations. Our slim precision isolation tweezer is an ideal option suitable for both classic and volume lash sets. With its extended straight handle and angled tip, it excels at isolating hard-to-reach eyelashes, particularly. The bottom layer of natural lashes.

When it comes to placing classic cashmere lashes, the BELO Lash hybrid lash tweezer is the perfect tool. It simplifies the 1:1 application process for classic lashes, offering ease of use for both selection and placement.

As the name suggests, the hybrid angled tweezer is also well-suited for volume extensions. Its angled tip provides ample space for creating and gripping volume fans efficiently. This tool with exceptional precision guarantees accurate positioning of every extension, whether it’s a classic or volume fan, onto the natural lashes.

Consequently, the Hybrid Volume Tweezer proves to be an excellent choice for hybrid eyelash extension treatments.


It may sound straightforward, but tweezers for Mega Volume applications necessitate a design that considers the creation of voluminous fans. In Mega Volume treatments, achieving ultimate precision with your tools is crucial, which is why we emphasize the importance of angles.

When it comes to isolation tweezers for Mega Volume lashes. The choice between angled and straight tweezers for isolating largely depends on personal preference. However, our top recommendations for Mega Volume are the Slim Precision tweezer or the Baby Isolation lash tweezer.

For application tweezers in Mega Volume lash treatments, the go-to tweezer is the BELO Lash 90-degree boot tweezer. It is considered the holy grail tweezer for crafting wide, fully voluminous fans. Mega Volume fans can comprise anywhere between 10-20 lashes per fan, so having a tweezer that provides ample space is crucial.

The slight curvature of the 90-degree tweezer, as opposed to the 45-degree tweezer, allows for enhanced maneuverability when creating fans. Additionally, the slightly thinner tip aids in creating impeccably secure bases for the fans.

If you find it challenging to create Mega Volume fans even with the right tools, it might be worth exploring easy fan lashes or pre-made fans. Both of these lash types are specifically designed to simplify and expedite volume and Mega Volume applications.

Easy fans are heat-bonded at the base, making the pinching technique effortless. While pre-made fans are professionally crafted handmade.Fans ready to be used in treatments.


Accuracy Tips

When performing lash applications, it is vital to have tools that seamlessly integrate with your hand movements. Therefore, it is crucial to verify that each lash tweezer in your assortment possesses. A sharp, tidy tip that allows for meticulousness in your application and isolation techniques.

Utilizing tweezers made from stainless steel

Stainless steel stands out as the optimal choice of material for eyelash extension tweezers. Due to its resilience, cost-effectiveness, ease of cleaning, and resistance to tarnishing. It boasts similar advantages to titanium while being considerably more affordable.

As all lash professionals are aware, thorough cleaning of eyelash tweezers between treatments is essential. With stainless steel tools, you can rest assured that your tweezers will maintain their durability and quality even after repeated use and cleaning.

To clean the tools, use a cloth to remove any excess adhesive that may have accumulated on them. Followed by disinfecting the lash tweezer by immersing them in barricade. Rinse the tweezers, dry them using a fresh paper towel, and store them in your BELO Lash tweezer case between appointments.

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