What is the purpose of an Eyelash Extension Protector?

After leaving the salon, numerous factors can contribute to the premature shedding of your Eyelash Extension Protector. In many instances, acquiring a high-quality container of lash protectors can aid in preserving the longevity of your newly applied eyelash extensions.

What is the purpose of an eyelash extension protector?

Think of it as the equivalent of a protective topcoat for a manicure. Just as top-coat nail polish safeguards and enhances a manicure, an eyelash extension protector serves as a barrier to shield the lash glue from deteriorating elements.
This “protective seal” plays a crucial role in achieving optimal retention and preventing extension twisting. It’s important to note that while general products are not recommended for use on extension lashes, a lash protector is specifically formulated as a water-based, oil-free aftercare solution that enhances the longevity of lash extensions.

What impact does using a lash protector have on the appearance of lash extensions?

Due to the composition of the product, applying an eyelash protector will impart a subtle sheen to the lash extensions, although it is barely noticeable to the naked eye. Our Black Diamond Shield Sealant, enriched with Gardenia Florida fruit extract, not only offers a deep black hue but also serves as a potent antioxidant.
Thanks to this remarkable natural component, our sealant intensifies the dark color of the lash extensions, enhancing their definition and creating a more striking appearance.

What should I consider when selecting a lash sealer?

When searching for a lash coating sealer, it is advisable to look for one that offers additional benefits for lash growth. Instead of purchasing multiple products, opt for a single lash aftercare solution that encompasses multiple advantages, including prolonged detention, lash strengthening, and promotion of lash growth.
Our highly sought-after Black Diamond Shield Sealant, a global bestseller, effectively addresses the specific challenges faced by salon professionals and lash clients when it comes to eyelash extension retention. Formulated with scientifically proven ingredients such as allantoin, hyaluronic acid, and essential B Vitamins, this lash sealant ensures that your natural lashes receive the essential hydration, protein, and vital nutrients they require.

Moreover, enriched with organic elements rooted in traditional Eastern medicine, which have stood the test of time through centuries of research and application, Black Diamond Shield Sealant represents a holistic aftercare product that promotes long-term lash health and beauty.

Do you have a clear lash sealer, too?

Certainly! We offer the Crystal Clear Shield Sealant, which is transparent in color and specifically designed for use with colored lash extensions. It is formulated with nearly identical ingredients as our Black Diamond Coating Sealant.
The only distinction is that the Crystal Clear Shield Sealant does not include the natural black dye component, ‘Gardenia Florida Fruit Extract,’ found in the Black Diamond Coating Sealant, which imparts a beautiful dark tint to the product.

When can I begin utilizing the eyelash sealer?

Eyelash extension glue may still be undergoing the curing process even after 24 to 36 hours. We suggest commencing the use of eyelash extension coating sealant after 2 to 3 days following the treatment to ensure it does not result in any blooming phenomenon.

Can I apply the lash sealer on my volume lash as well?

Numerous individuals hold the belief that the protective sealant is exclusively suitable for application on classic lash extensions. However, the truth is that you can indeed utilize the protective sealant on volume lashes as well. Ensure that you administer a gentle layer onto the lashes and subsequently comb them meticulously using a brand-new mascara brush to prevent them from adhering together.

How should I administer the protective sealant?

The application process is similar to applying mascara! Ensure you distribute it evenly across your eyelashes, but be cautious not to come into contact with your lash line. (Cleaning the protective sealant when it’s applied to the lash line can be challenging!) Once applied, thoroughly comb your lashes using a dry lash wand.

Extra Tips when Utilizing an eyelash extension sealer:

⦁ When administering a lash extension sealant, it will temporarily produce a “moist lash” appearance. This is completely normal. It is crucial to utilize a fresh, arid lash brush to disperse the lash sealer all over the extensions (especially the volume fans) to prevent the extensions from adhering to one another.
⦁ Avoid applying the sealant directly onto your skin (lashline) and leave approximately 2 to 3mm of space from the lash root. (It can be quite challenging to clean the protective sealant when it’s applied on the lash line!)
⦁ Similar to any other water-based aftercare product, we recommend our lash clients start using a protective sealant 48 hours after the lash extension application, once the lash adhesive has fully cured.
⦁ If you desire to administer a protective coating to your customer’s new lash set after completing the service, avoid applying it to the region where the glue has been employed.
⦁ Lastly, if applying a sealant at the end of the service is a part of your salon’s application routine, we advise utilizing a “brush-tip” lash coating sealant instead of a “mascara-tip” lash coating sealant. lashes present a potential hazard of cross-contamination in the event that any of your clients harbors an infection. Therefore, moisten a fresh, unused lash applicator by utilizing a brush-tip sealant and make use of the lash applicator on a client.
⦁ Once unsealed and utilized, the recommended shelf-life for one bottle is 6 months.

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