What are Laser Lashes?

Laser Lashes – our source of inspiration and revolutionary development:
At BL Lashes, we pondered upon a question: why can’t lash extensions contribute to resolving retention challenges? Through extensive research conducted at our state-of-the-art facilities, we explored the characteristics of human hair and made a remarkable discovery. Our studies unveiled that textured and irregular surfaces on hair cuticles exhibit superior adhesive properties compared to smooth surfaces.
Motivated by these findings, we embarked on a groundbreaking journey to introduce the world’s first patented laser-treated lash extensions.
During our investigation into human hair, the concept of creating micro-indentations on synthetic lashes emerged. Drawing inspiration from the natural advantage of scaly and uneven cuticle surfaces in facilitating enhanced adhesion, we successfully developed the pioneering laser-processed extension lash.

Laser lashes offer lash extensions that are 25% more durable

The recessed texture on BL Laser lashes offers an increased bonding surface, resulting in lash extensions that boast a 25% longer lifespan compared to standard extensions.

Laser lashes harmonize perfectly with any adhesive

The designated areas on BL Laser lashes that securely hold the adhesive, effectively prevent the formation of adhesive droplets at the base of the extension lash. BL Laser lashes seamlessly complement any adhesive, irrespective of its thickness, ensuring optimal performance.

Laser Lashes

The significance of laser lashes

Similar to the traction between tires and the road that prevents cars from skidding, the minuscule laser-treated indentations on BL lashes establish an immediate and secure connection between the extension and natural lashes, effectively averting slippage. Consequently, BL Laser Lashes offer lash artists a significantly quicker and more effortless extension application process.

Laser lash collection

⦁ Laser Luxe Lash: + Exquisitely curled and delicately tapered + Allows for limitless design possibilities
⦁ Silken Lash: + Greater emphasis on tapered section compared to Luxe lashes + Delivers a voluminous and naturally appealing appearance
⦁ Laser Swift Lash: + Enhanced surface area for superior adhesion + Facilitates a more effortless and expedited extension application
⦁ Lower Lash: + Complements the overall look of upper lashes + Imparts a strikingly dramatic effect, reminiscent of doll-like aesthetics
⦁ Laser Chroma Lash: + Ideal for adding accent colors + Embellishes a full set with captivating and alluring hues.

Laser Plush Lashes

These individual synthetic plush lashes exude a lustrous shine, exhibiting impeccable curl and taper, while offering remarkable versatility. Offer your clients an extensive array of styles, ranging from subtle and natural to bold and theatrical.

⦁ Opulent shine
⦁ Exquisitely curled and tapered
⦁ The extensive assortment of curls and thicknesses to choose from

Laser Lashes

The distinguishing features of SR PBT thread

SR PBT thread exhibits a comparably gentle texture as it incorporates an extended arc processing section, surpassing the length typically found in standard threads.

Laser Lower Lashes

Extending eyelashes on the lower lash line serves to enhance the appearance of upper lashes and create a harmonious balance between the two.

⦁ Attain a captivating doll-inspired impact by applying a mere 10-15 lower lashes.
⦁ Enhance the look of upper lashes
⦁ Striking and enchanting doll-inspired lash effect

Laser Mink Cocoa Lashes

Craft an idyllic lash haven for clientele with fairer skin tones through the application of Cocoa Mink Lashes.

⦁ Ideal for customers with a lighter complexion
⦁ Imparts a more subdued and natural appearance
⦁ Available in three shades: Light Cocoa, Dark Cocoa, Dark Cocoa-H
⦁ Consists of 14 lines: Light Cocoa 4 lines (Mix 912mm), Dark Cocoa 5 lines (Mix 913mm), Dark Cocoa-H 5 lines

The Surgics

The Surgics

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