Eyelash tweezers

What are fiber-tip eyelash tweezers?

Eyelash tweezers are mainly used for tweezing eyelashes, mainly when sticking false eyelashes and grafting eyelashes. Eyelash tweezers are an auxiliary tool for pasting eyelashes. When grafting eyelashes, the eyelashes are tweezed up with tweezers, glue is glued to the root of the eyelashes and then grafted to the eyelid. There are also many types of eyelash tweezers, some are straight, and some are curved. Choose according to different needs. For example, when grafting false eyelashes, you can use curved ones, and then when grafting eyelashes one by one, you can use straight ones.


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Eyelash tweezers

Use of fiber-tip tweezers

As a professional eyelash artist, only by using tweezers correctly can you graft beautiful eyelashes. How to use the tweezers correctly? Today, I will share with you how to use tweezers when beautifying eyelashes.
National standard double tweezers, one for hair separation and one for grafting. The way to hold the tweezers is different according to the habits of each person, but no matter which hand is used, the thumb
and the middle finger is used to hold it, and the index finger is used as an assistant.

Eyelash tweezers

The force used by the fingers is commonly known as “yin force” in the eyelash beautification industry, rather than deadly force. This is to avoid excessive force so that it can be grafted easily, and will not cause mistakes due to excessive movement and excessive force. How to hold the tweezers is a very important point in being able to graft safely, and you should always check that you have not formed a bad habit.
Generally, professional tweezers are high-end medical-grade tweezers, which are hygienic and safe, and more comfortable to use, making eyelash grafting more accurate, lighter in weight, and less tiring.

Hair separation

A false eyelash is attached to a real eyelash. In order not to stick the eyelashes next to each other, we need to separate the eyelashes. How do you divide the eyelashes?
Probe the dividing tweezers into the eyelashes near the root, and an eyelash will appear in the middle of the separated tweezers, which clearly separates an eyelash. At the same time, the grafting tweezers
can also be held in reverse to help remove the layered eyelashes.

Hair removal method

Take off one eyelash and put it on the hair removal table. The eyelashes become distinct. Use tweezers with your right hand to grab 1/3 of the eyelashes. The false eyelashes and the tweezers are at right angles. Do not pull the false eyelashes in the opposite direction, as this will cause the false eyelashes to deform or bend.


After the tweezers are taken, the false eyelashes must be placed at 0.5- 1mm (about 0.04 in) from the root of the real eyelashes for adhesion to ensure that they do not touch the customer’s skin. After grafting, you can use tweezers to organize the eyelashes to ensure that there is no adhesion.

Eyelash tips

Clean and disinfect the tweezers before and after each use to prevent the growth of bacteria. When grafting, the tweezers should not face the face vertically but should enter from the front of the forehead towards the tip of the eyelashes and separate them. Be careful not to touch the skin and eyes with the tweezers.
It is not easy to become an excellent eyelash artist, even holding tweezers is very particular.
The method of execution is to hold straight tweezers in the left hand and curved tweezers in the right hand. There are also some people who are used to holding back with their left and right hands. But whether you are left-handed or not, you should hold straight tweezers in your left hand and curved tweezers in your right hand! When holding the tweezers, they are held with the thumb and middle finger, and the index finger is used for assistance.

The force used by the fingers is commonly known as “yin force” in the beauty industry, rather than deadly force. This way of holding can avoid excessive force, and can be easily grafted, so as not to make mistakes due to excessive force. The way to hold the tweezers is the most important point in being able to graft safely, and you should always check that you have not formed a bad habit.

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