The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your Lash Tweezers

Developing expertise in our field necessitates acquiring a comprehensive knowledge of the tools and techniques essential for our work. The more acquainted we are with our Lash Tweezers extension forceps, the more rapidly they will become an extension of our fingers, enabling us to work with both accuracy and ease. Just as we handle our lash extensions with the utmost gentleness, we should also handle our tweezers with great care. There are numerous measures we can take to safeguard these delicate instruments- with a little diligence, we can ensure that our lash extension tweezers remain as valuable to us.

How to Properly Store Lash Glue:

Upon completion of a client’s session, it is crucial to store your lash products in a safe place to avoid dust or dirt accumulation, discard disposable tools like lash wands and eye pads, and sanitize your tweezers. The tweezers tend to collect excess adhesive, which can harm the fragile plating inside the tip. If the adhesive hardens, you’ll be left with adhesive-coated tweezers that trap extensions.

Lash Tweezers

If you’re repeatedly experiencing the issue of excess adhesive on your tweezers, it implies that you’re using too much adhesive or not isolating for long enough before releasing. The cured adhesive on the tweezers can be removed by chipping it off with a fingernail, or you can cautiously use a nail file to wear down the adhesive to a point where it can be chipped off. Never apply lash extension remover on your tweezers as it can damage the finish.


After every lash appointment, it’s essential to thoroughly sanitize and disinfect your tweezers to guarantee their safety for the next customer. Every eyelash extension certification program should have covered the fundamentals of sanitizing tools, but it’s always useful to have a quick review. Firstly, sanitize your tools by removing any visible dirt. Next, use barbicide to disinfect them.

For every 32 oz of cold water, 2 oz of barbicide concentrate should be used to ensure proper sterilization of your tools. Your tweezers must remain in contact with the solution for ten minutes to attain full sterility. Gently immerse the tweezers in the barbicide solution, taking care not to damage the fragile tips, and ensure they don’t collide with each other in the jar. Once the ten minutes are up, remove them from the solution and place them on a clean paper towel to air dry.


Among all your lash extension supplies, tweezers are one of the most crucial tools since their fine tips are the only means to delicately manipulate lash extensions and place them accurately. There are various options available at different price points — this chic case comes equipped with cushioning inside to safeguard the fine tips of up to six tweezers simultaneously and features a magnetic closure to ensure it remains shut during transport. It’s a simple investment that protects your most valuable and hardest-working tools.

Be Prepared: The Benefits of Having an Additional Option

Mistakes can occur. Lash extension tweezers are inherently fragile items, and even though most pairs are made from stainless steel, a minor fall can damage the delicate tips, leading to warping or scratching of their exterior. If you aren’t consistently storing your tweezers in a case, it’s wise to keep an additional pair on hand at all times. You don’t want a momentary mishap to disrupt an appointment, and you surely don’t want to waste time finding a replacement if your preferred tweezers become distorted. Once you’ve found a pair that you’re satisfied with, order an extra one or two to have in reserve. It might appear superfluous, but trust us, you’ll appreciate your foresight.


Numerous lash extension certification courses instruct their trainees to use hand sanitizer regularly during appointments to promote good hygiene habits. While sanitization is crucial, you must exercise caution with the most commonly available hand sanitizers around your lash extension tweezers. If your preferred tweezers are coated in gold, ensure that your hands are entirely dry after applying hand sanitizer before handling your tweezers. The hand sanitizer can remove the beautiful gold coating.


Acquiring a new pair of tweezers is exciting if you can locate the suitable pair that works for you. Lash extensions from different companies vary in size and texture, so make sure whatever tweezers you purchase work with your preferred brands. At Lash Affair, all of our tweezers are crafted by hand with a super-light grip that is intended to prevent exhaustion. If you find a pair of tweezers you enjoy, but the grip isn’t quite right, you can carefully pull the two sides apart to create a larger space, which will provide you with more grip. Our tweezers make it simple to customize the grip to your preferences. However, be cautious – applying too much pressure can cause damage to them.

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