Tips for eyelash stylists to choose eyelash tweezers

Only by choosing a good eyelash tweezer and choosing eyelash tweezers correctly can you graft good eyelashes. How to use eyelash tweezers correctly? Today we are here to share how to use eyelash tweezers on eyelashes.

Tweezers are generally used as a pair of curved tweezers and a pair of straight tweezers. The way to hold eyelash tweezers is different from everyone’s habits. Regardless of which hand you hold, the tweezers are held with the thumb and middle finger, with the index finger as an aid.

The force used by the fingers is commonly known as “yin force” in the eyelash industry, not deadly force. This is to avoid excessive force and make it easy to graft, so as not to make mistakes due to excessive force. The operation of eyelash tweezers is a very important point in safe grafting. Just make sure you don’t form bad habits.
Eyelash tweezers are hygienic and safe, more comfortable to use, more accurate to take eyelashes through grafting, lighter in quality, and less tiring.

Separate the eyelashes one by one.

The false eyelashes are glued to the real eyelashes. In order not to stick the eyelashes next to each other, part the hair. How to divide eyelashes?
Put the eyelash tweezers near the root of the eyelashes, and there will be an eyelash in the middle of the separated tweezers, and one eyelash will be separated. At the same time, the elbow pliers can also be held in the opposite direction to help pull apart layered eyelashes.

hair picking technique

Take off one eyelash and put it on so the eyelashes become more defined. Use tweezers to pick up 1/3 of the false eyelashes at right angles to the tweezers.

Do not pull and pluck the lashes in the opposite direction to elongate them, as this will cause the elongated lashes to deform or bend.


After plucking the hair with eyelash tweezers, the false eyelashes must be placed at a distance of 1-1.5mm from the root of the real eyelashes for adhesion, so as to ensure that they do not touch the customer’s skin. Before the bond is done, swipe the glue a few times to even out the bond so it lasts longer. After grafting, you can use tweezers to comb out the eyelashes to ensure that there is no adhesion.

How to hold the eyelash tweezers:

However, no matter which hands the tweezers are held in, they are held with the thumb and middle finger, and the index finger is used as an aid. The force used by the fingers is what is commonly known in the beauty industry as “yin force” rather than deadly force. This is to avoid excessive force and allow easy grafting without excessive force and mistakes. The handling of tweezers is a very important point in safe grafting, and it is always necessary to confirm that no bad habits have been formed.

Tips for Eyelash tweezers:

1: Tip [edge]: The thinner the tip of the tweezers, the easier it is to separate the hair.

2: Top: Used to check the thickness of the tip of the eyelashes, the slender tweezers can easily see the eyelashes during operation.

3: Handle [elasticity]: The strength of the handle’s elasticity is very important, and you should choose a narrow one so that you don’t need to spend extra effort.


4: Tweezer handle: The length of the two handles should be purchased according to the size of the eyelash artist’s hands. Those with smaller hands should buy tweezers with a shorter handle; those with larger hands should buy tweezers with a slightly longer handle.

5: Cutting edges [gap]: The distance between the two cutting edges determines the strength of the elastic force. You should choose tweezers that are easy to open and close and soft to the touch.

6: Weight: The weight of the entire tweezers should be light, without spending extra effort.

How to Hold eyelash Tweezers Correctly

The tweezers are the hands of the eyelash artist. The correct posture of holding the tweezers is very important for an eyelash artist, and it may even affect whether he can become an eyelash artist. If you can’t graft eyelashes for customers, then you can’t become an eyelash artist. Therefore, it is very important to master the correct posture of holding forceps.

Everyone knows the standard of tweezers used by eyelash stylists, international double tweezers, one set of tweezers is used to separate the hair, called dolphin clips, and the other pair of tweezers is used to remove hair, called golden feather tweezers.

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