The Top 9 False Lashes for a Subtle, Realistic Appearance in 2023

Faux False Lashes enhance the allure of the eyes like nothing else. A quality set of lashes is effortless to affix and adapt to your eye shape as needed. Once in place, the finest false eyelashes remain securely attached until it’s time for removal. Despite the myriad options available, discovering a pair that excels in all aspects can be quite challenging.

If you desire a more understated and natural appearance, correct application is the essential factor. You might want to consider individual lashes or lash bundles that can be strategically applied. According to Constance Mack Latham, a lash and brow artist, full strip lashes can also achieve a natural look, provided you pay close attention to the thickness of the weft.

To assist you in making an informed decision, our team conducted trials on over 40 sets of false eyelashes, both in our in-house laboratory in New York and in our private spaces. We tested some of the highest-rated false eyelashes available, assessing each based on ease of application, natural feel, and longevity. Our team then amalgamated these findings with our research on highly favored false eyelashes among consumers. Furthermore, professional estheticians and multiple makeup artists of repute evaluated our selections and provided their insights. Our team assigned a rating of 1 to 5 to each lash (5 being the highest), and we’ve compiled a list of the top 9 natural-looking eyelash options for your enjoyment.

Top Pick: Colourpop Falsies Faux Mink Lashes

This particular style clinched the top position due to its comfort, accessibility, and durability. While it boasts a dramatic silhouette, it does so in a convincing manner, devoid of any irregular lash mishaps—making it a suitable choice even for those who prefer a more conservative look. This can be attributed in part to the band’s construction. The black band strikes a balance between robustness to maintain the lash shape and thinness to seamlessly merge with your lash line, even in the absence of eyeliner.

After removal, you can store them back in their original packaging and reuse them the following day. What’s more, these lashes proved to be the easiest to apply among all the options on this list, making them an excellent choice for lash novices. And, priced at under $10, they serve as an ideal entry-level set. The icing on the cake? They are available in various styles and silhouettes, so if ‘Minx’ doesn’t quite suit your taste, there are alternative options.

However, a word of caution: these styles tend to sell out quickly, so if you intend to acquire a pair, frequent visits to their website are advisable.

Top Pick, Honorable Mention: Lilly Lashes Butterfl’Eyes 3D Faux Mink Half Lashes

False lashes can often divide opinions; some prefer bold and dramatic styles, while others lean toward a more subtle and natural look. Half lashes, however, offer a delightful compromise. But that’s just the beginning of the story. The lightweight sensation, the ability to wear them multiple times, the ease of application, their versatile style, and more are among the reasons that propelled this style to the top of our list. To seamlessly integrate these falsies with your natural lashes, it’s advisable to have a black liquid eyeliner on hand. Once applied, we almost forgot we were wearing them, except for the occasional glance in the mirror. Another plus: these lashes retain their shape, ensuring they can be used multiple times.

While it would have been preferable for the band to be slightly wider for a firmer grip, these lashes managed to stay in place throughout the entire day.

Outstanding Dual-Tone Choice: Loveseen Troi False Lashes

While multi-colored lashes are gradually gaining popularity, they still remain relatively uncommon. Among them, the black and brown layered lash of Loveseen Troi stands out for its superior blending with natural lashes. It effortlessly merges with your existing lashes, surpassing other options we’ve encountered and tested.

Beyond this specific style, we are admirers of the elegant range of lashes created by Jenna Lyons and Troi Ollivierre, featuring various styles tailored to different face shapes and aesthetics. All of their lashes are lightweight, crafted from nylon, and boast exquisite designs. While they are positioned at the higher end of the price spectrum, their website offers a try-on feature, allowing you to visualize how they will look before making a purchase. In particular, the Troi style is characterized by its length, flirtatiousness, and seamless integration into your lash line, granting you a doe-eyed look in mere seconds.

However, it’s worth noting that the ultra-flexible band may not retain the lash shape as effectively, so exercise caution during removal to extend their lifespan.

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