The main causes of eyelashes falling.

Many female friends who love beauty want to have thick eyelashes, coupled with big fluttering eyes. I have to say that being an “eyelash master” is really a big beauty bonus. But in real life, the situation does not seem to be satisfactory.
Modern beauty-loving women not only have to worry about baldness, but also worry about eyelash baldness. When I wake up, my eyelashes grow out of order and even tend to fall out and become bald. How can I bear it?
Falling eyelashes not only affect the personal image, making people look dull, but also cause eye redness, dryness, itching, stinging pain, and even conjunctivitis and keratitis in severe cases, which is really miserable. So do you know what are the causes of eyelashes falling out? Expert Reply: There are many reasons for eyelashes to fall, most of which are caused by these four.


What are the causes of eyelashes falling out?

Dry eyes

Compared with other parts, the eye skin barrier is relatively fragile. If you do not pay attention to maintenance, it is easy to cause moisture loss in the eye skin and dryness around the eyes. The skin around the eyes is dry, which will affect the blood circulation of the eyes, and cannot bring enough nutrients to the eyelashes. At this time, eyelashes are prone to fall.

Healthy and moist eye skin is the necessary foundation for the healthy growth of eyelashes. If you want to avoid eyelash fall, you need to do a good job of eye moisturizing, choose a high-quality eye cream with an excellent moisturizing effect.

Frequent makeup and makeup removal are not clean.

Girls who love beauty mostly like makeup, but most cosmetics contain some chemical ingredients that are not good for the skin, even eye shadow, eyeliner, eyeliner and other cosmetics that are close to the eyes are no exception. Some products even contain some non-compliant The additives in them can cause great damage to the skin around the eyes.
If you put on makeup for a long time and remove makeup hastily and uncleanly, these residues will affect the normal growth process of eyelashes, cause eyelashes to fall off, red and swollen eyes, and other undesirable phenomena, and even cause some damage to the roots of eyelashes and hair follicles in severe cases. lesion.
Attention friends who like makeup, when you choose eye makeup products, you must choose those products that are compliant and of good quality.

Long mites

The eyelashes often fall out, and it may also be the growth of mites. Demodex sebaceous mites mainly live in the sebaceous glands and meibomian glands of the eyelids and are also prone to cause symptoms such as eyelid congestion, eyelid irregularities, and eyelid gland abnormalities.
After the eyes are stared at by mites, it is easy to have eyelashes fall off. Everyone must pay attention to personal hygiene and environmental hygiene in daily life, especially families with pets who need to clean their pets.

Some eye diseases

Some eye causes such as pinholes and mitochondrial swelling will affect the normal metabolism of the eye skin. If not treated in time, eyelashes will easily fall out. If the eyelashes are caused by eye diseases, we must pay attention to them and avoid carelessness. Generally speaking, there are many reasons for eyelash loss. If you want to treat eyelash loss, you first need to find out what caused it. And then take corresponding measures to treat it according to your individual situation.
It should be noted that some eye diseases may also cause eyelashes to fall out.

If this happens, you must go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination in time. And receive relevant treatment when necessary to avoid worsening the condition and causing greater damage to the body. If a large number of eyelashes fall off in a short period of time and at the same time. You can also observe symptoms such as itching or delineation on the eyelid margin. There may be inflammation at the attrition site. Which usually causes a large number of eyelashes to fall off.
These inflammations are caused by fatigue, staying up late, or local bacterial and fungal infections. It is necessary to use eye gel or eye ointment containing antibiotics to treat the inflammation of the eyelid margin. The boric acid solution can also be used to moisten After applying it. This phenomenon can be alleviated after it subsides. It is necessary to pay attention to early rest in daily life and not to stay up late.

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