The first choice for eyelash tweezers according to experts

As a professional eyelash artist, eyelash tweezers are an indispensable tool in daily work, so you must choose the most convenient and best tweezers. So here comes the question, do you really choose tweezers? Today will introduce you to different types of tweezers for eyelashes and how to use them.

We classify the tweezers according to their shape, roughly there are these types: I-type tweezers (straight), L-type tweezers (curved/hook type), J-type tweezers, X-type tweezers, h-type tweezers, etc.
So how to choose the right tweezers for you? Then we must consider the following aspects.

Eyelash Tips

1: Tip [edge]: The thinner the tip of the tweezers, the easier it is to separate the hair.

2: Top: Used to check the thickness of the tip of the eyelashes, the slender tweezers can easily see the eyelashes during operation.

3: Handle [elasticity]: The strength of the handle’s elasticity is very important, and you should choose a narrow one so that you don’t need to spend extra effort.

best eyelash tweezers

4: Tweezer handle: The length of the two handles should be purchased according to the size of the eyelash artist’s hands. Those with smaller hands should buy tweezers with a shorter handle; those with larger hands should buy tweezers with a slightly longer handle.

5: Cutting edges [gap]: The distance between the two cutting edges determines the strength of the elastic force. You should choose tweezers that are easy to open and close and soft to the touch.

6: Weight: The weight of the entire tweezers should be light, without spending extra effort.

How to use tweezers correctly when grafting eyelashes? Be sure to look carefully!

1) Open your hand, then pinch it on the handle of the tweezers, bend your fingers slightly, and put your hand in the middle of the customer’s forehead, but do not touch the customer’s forehead. If the beautician’s finger joints touch the customer’s forehead, it will make the customer very uncomfortable.

eyelash tweezers

2) When grafting eyelashes, the elbow should be placed on the eyelash bed (pillow) as the focus point. The eyelash artist must not put his hand on the customer’s forehead, which will make the customer feel uncomfortable. When the mascara’s elbow has a strong point on the pillow of the mascara bed, it is not easy to shake when operating with tweezers; in addition, the armpit can be clamped to stabilize the balance, and the operation can be performed more stably.
What are the advantages of tweezers?

Eyelash tweezers have the following features:

  1. Material – use high-quality stainless steel (anti-magnetic, anti-acid, anti-corrosion, no rust).
  2. Appearance – After surface treatment, it has a special high-grade feeling.
  3. Plane thread – surface thread, the lines are consistent in-depth, and the side R edge is even and smooth.
  4. Lettering – using high-precision equipment, laser typing.
  5. Excessive angle – the wheel angle is clear and bright.
  6. Tip teeth pattern – the tip teeth pattern is clear and bright.
  7. Kneading force – the force used when the two tips are closed is 500 grams ± 50 grams.
  8. Elasticity – the amount of deformation is extremely small. When testing, the two ends are pulled apart for 1/2 of the total length, and the opening size is measured after being pulled 5 times, which is ≤0.8mm. This requirement is extremely high and generally difficult to achieve.
eyelash tweezers

Tweezers have become the largest professional tweezers production base in China and rank among the best in the world in terms of product quality and product variety.

So for a professional eyelash artist, it is very important to learn to choose the tweezers that suit you. This not only affects your user experience and operation speed but also affects the customer experience. If the customer experience is good, your performance will also be good. There will be more and more and better. So choosing suitable tweezers is very important. Tweezers can effectively help you solve your work problems, there is nothing wrong with choosing him!

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