The beautifying eyelashes techniques, learn how to look good

Eyelashes techniques In the current era where beauty is paramount, people are paying more and more attention to their appearance, and the eyes, as the window to the soul, if they look good, will really add a lot to the overall appearance of a person. However, in life, many people often suffer from the fact that their eyelashes are sparse or even absent, which makes the eyes eclipsed and affects the value of their appearance.
Therefore, at this time, many people will think of grafting eyelashes for themselves. So what are the commonly used eyelash grafting methods, and how should you choose the one that suits you? Today we will introduce it to you in detail. I hope it will be helpful to everyone after reading it.

What are the common eyelashes techniques?

Generally speaking, the common eyelash grafting methods mainly include the following:
Single root grafting: The so-called single grafting, as the name suggests, is to graft false eyelashes to our eyelashes one by one. This grafting method is simple to operate, highly safe, and does not damage our original eyelashes. Usually divided into round eyelashes and flat Eyelashes.
Among them, the outer shape of round eyelashes is closer to our real eyelashes. When grafting, you can choose 0.12 thickness. The disadvantage is that it is easy to fall off. The same flat eyelashes are also very close to real eyelashes in appearance, almost the same as real eyelashes, and the operation is very simple, even for beginners. Generally speaking, it is recommended that you choose 0.15 thickness. If you want thicker eyelashes, You can also choose a thickness of 0.2. The biggest disadvantage of this kind of eyelashes is that they are thin and easy to fall off.

Multiple root grafting:

This grafting method means that on one eyelash, 5-6 eyelashes are usually grafted. This method is very suitable for those who have sparse eyelashes and want to make them thicker. In addition, the multi-root grafting method is subdivided into three types: YY eyelashes, clover, and manual flowering.
Among them, YY eyelashes are composed of 4 flat eyelashes, and then controlled at about 2nm during grafting, fixed with glue, the effect is very good; and clover uses three flat eyelashes, fixed with glue for grafting, the advantage is this The eyelashes received by the grafting method are very soft, fluffy and beautiful; the last type of manual flowering is usually grafted with false eyelashes with a thickness of 0.05, and the grafting effect is more natural.

How to design the right eyelashes according to eye shape?

Generally speaking, different eye shapes require different eyelash designs. Specifically, there are several types of eyelashes.

Single eyelid small eyes:
The most suitable eyelashes for this type of eye are false eyelashes with a length of 8-11nm. After grafting, it is very natural, and it can also have the effect of enlarging the eyes, which can make people look better.

Small eyes:

Eyelash grafting for this eye type is usually divided into two types. If the eyelids are not everted, you can choose C-type eyelashes with a length of 10-12nm; if the eyelids are everted, you can choose a length of 9- 11nm J-shaped eyelashes. The effect is very good.
Puffy eyes:
Generally speaking, when the eye type is swollen eyes, it is best to choose a single eyelash or a Y-shaped eyelash for grafting. In terms of length, you can choose a length of 9-12nm for the left and right sides, and 12nm for the middle part, so that the grafting effect is the best.

Triangular eyes:
The most suitable false eyelashes for triangular eyes are B or C type. Generally speaking, the B type is best grafted to the inner corner of the eye, and C type can be selected for other parts. In addition, it is best to choose a length of 10-13nm in the middle part, so that not only the eyelashes will become thicker, but the eye shape will also become more round and beautiful.

Dan Fengyan:
Everyone knows that the shape of Danfengyan is very slender, so we should avoid choosing B-type eyelashes when choosing eyelashes. People’s senses will become more gentle and beautiful, and not so sharp.
Almond eyes:
Generally speaking, almond eyes give people the feeling of being very round, so when grafting eyelashes, it is necessary to pay attention to achieving partial elongation to make the eyes look bigger and more beautiful. Generally speaking, you can choose false eyelashes with a length of 10-11nm for grafting, and the effect is better.

Questions You Must Know About Eyelash Extensions:

Which eyelashes techniques are best?

Generally speaking, eyelashes on the market are divided into three types: synthetic, protein fiber, and mink hair. Among them, the advantage of synthetic eyelashes is that they have a good shape and look better after grafting, but relatively speaking, these kinds of eyelashes are relatively hard. The protein fibers are very soft and are closer to our natural eyelashes, especially silk eyelashes. The effect after grafting is very natural. The last kind of mink hair has a high density after grafting and is very natural and comfortable. Generally speaking, mink hair Should be the best.

How to Separate Eyelashes?

Before grafting eyelashes techniques, what we need to do is to separate the eyelashes one by one. And be careful not to mix them with the eyelashes next to them. This is not only convenient for the operation of the grafting process but also has a great impact on the quality of the grafting. Everyone must pay attention to the steps of separating eyelashes. when you are officially grafting, you should also pay attention to the eyelashes in the middle of the tweezers. Which are the eyelashes to be grafted, so don’t confuse them.

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