Styles of Eyelash Extensions: An In-Depth Handbook

It’s difficult to envision the beauty landscape before the advent of eyelash extensions. Thanks to them, we can emerge from our slumber and head to work looking wide-eyed and alert (even if we indulged a bit too much during happy hour the previous evening). They’ve made full, luxurious lashes accessible to everyone, granting those of us not inherently blessed with lengthy lashes an opportunity to savor their allure, fluttering our eyes with the best of them.

However, individuals who have encountered unfavorable lash extension experiences can affirm that it’s not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. A skilled lash technician will meticulously examine your distinctive eye contours and customize your extensions accordingly, rather than opting for a uniform lash curl and length for all their clientele.

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“Each customer possesses unique eye characteristics that are ideally suited to particular styling variations, curl types, and lash lengths,” notes renowned lash specialist Courtney Buhler.

“While there is an array of styling possibilities to select from, the frequently requested shape is the cat-eye, delivering the illusion of an almond-shaped eye,” remarks lash expert Clementina Richardson. Another popular choice is the unaltered contour, also known as the ‘wide-eyed look,’ which bestows upon the client a more rounded eye appearance.

Both authorities concur that in the realm of lash design, conducting a consultation and comprehending the client’s way of life is crucial. Personal perceptions of beauty and what qualifies as ‘natural’ exhibit significant variability. As an illustration, for individuals with round eyes, we employ a cat-eye influence. Nevertheless, there are certain customers who prefer to maintain the roundness of their eyes, making alterations to the shape unnecessary,” Richardson explains. When done with skill, it is possible to adjust the eye’s shape, although this depends on the artist’s level of proficiency.

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1- Eyelash Extensions for Almond Eyes:

Proportionately, almond-shaped eyes are the most prevalent. They exhibit a width that is twice the height, rendering them highly versatile and compatible with nearly any lash styling.

“This configuration is the most coveted and frequently requested,” Richardson remarks. “With almond eyes, there exists a broader spectrum of possibilities in terms of shaping. Clients can opt for a rounded or cat-eye appearance.”

I would recommend asking for a more traditional C curl, avoiding excessive tightness or looseness.

2- Eyelash Extensions for Hooded Eyes:

Hooded eyes, often referred to as monolids, lack a visible crease on the eyelid. These hooded lids can appear quite heavy, sometimes even concealing the lash line beneath them. “For hooded lids, the goal is to create openness and alleviate the weightiness of the lash line,” suggests Buhler, who recommends the use of L and L+ lashes. These specialized lashes come with a flat base and a distinct curl that extends outward from beneath the eyelid, lifting the lash line and lending the eyes a radiant and revitalized look.

Clients with hooded eyes should request that the longest lash extensions be placed towards the mid-to-outer eye area, and they should ask their technician to use the most curled lash options available. “The curliest lash options available are the D, L, and L+ curls. This heightened curl provides a dramatic effect, truly enhancing the eye’s openness!” notes Buhler.

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Depending on the individual client, Richardson points out that you can opt for either a cat-eye or an open-eye look. However, she advises caution, noting that “excessively curled lashes may appear overly embedded into the skin.”

3- Eyelashes for Round Eyes:

Round eyes possess a naturally wide and attentive appearance, yet if not styled appropriately, they can inadvertently convey a sense of surprise,” remarks Buhler. For clients blessed with this eye shape, she advises requesting lash extensions with a milder curl, focusing on the longest extensions toward the mid-outer eye, akin to the cat-eye style. “In lash terminology, this corresponds to a B curl lash. This adjustment contributes to shaping the eye into a more almond-like contour.”

To mitigate the heightened alertness, Buhler suggests communicating to the lash technician a preference for shorter extensions with a more relaxed curl, resembling a B curl.

4- Eyelashes for Downturned Eyes:

In the case of a downturned eye shape, the outer corners of the eyes dip lower than the inner corners. “With downturned eyes, the most suitable lash style is either a subtle cat-eye or a natural shaping,” advises Richardson.

5- Eyelashes for Upturned Eyes:

An upturned eye shape, often referred to as “cat-eyes,” represents the converse of downturned eyes. In this configuration, the outer corner of the eye is situated higher than the inner corner. Richardson suggests that upturned eye shapes can effectively embrace the cat-eye style since they can also tend to exhibit a more almond-like shape.

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