Certainly, I am aware of the exceptional features of your lash extensions tweezers. However, I would be pleased to know more about the latest improvements you have made to enhance their quality.


We previously mentioned that our tweezers are an excellent choice, and if you haven’t had the opportunity to use them before, you may be rightfully skeptical of our claim. While there may be some level of bias, we don’t make unfounded assertions. We have good reason to believe that our tweezers are exceptional because we meticulously inspect every pair of lash extension tweezers that comes through our warehouse before placing them on the shelves for purchase.

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When new tweezers arrive, they’ve already undergone thorough quality control checks in the factory where they were produced. The tweezers are mechanically stamped from sheet metal, usually stainless steel, and then finished by hand. On our standard tweezers, you may notice small scratches on the inner part of the tweezers’ boot. This is because they have been meticulously filed to perfection!

The arrival of new tweezers

Upon arrival at our warehouse, we scrutinize them for any imperfections such as scuff marks (other than the file marks that we know, expect, and appreciate), dents, tarnishing, or anything else that could affect their appearance or functionality. We create a few fans using different fanning techniques to ensure that they meet expectations, and we verify that they have a uniform thickness on both sides to ensure that they are robust without being too difficult to use.

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After passing all these assessments, we clean them thoroughly with acetone, replace the rubber tip protector, and place them in their box with a small sticker indicating that we have examined them for perfection. Only then do we add them to our inventory, ready for you to purchase?


Admittedly, upon a quick glance, you might mistake our Fiber Tip Volume Tweezers for our standard tweezers. They have the same sleek black stainless-steel appearance, and they are identical in size and shape to their standard counterparts, providing a similar feel in your hand. However, the difference lies in the inner tips.

Our Fiber Tip Volume Tweezers feature a hex texture that has been intricately etched into the inner tips, providing the most remarkable level of grip you’ve ever experienced with a set of volume tweezers. This feature allows you to pick up volume fans of varying sizes with precise control and confidence, knowing that they won’t fall apart while in use.

We have expanded this feature to three of our most beloved tweezer varieties, all of which now come equipped with Fiber Tips. We are not opposed to producing more of them if you appreciate this innovation. Let’s delve deeper into this exciting feature.


A decent grip is essential not only for volume tweezers but also for other types of lash extension tweezers (goodbye stickies!). Each pair of tweezers has its own sweet spot, which is the perfect point on the foot for gripping lashes. The unique feature of Fiber Tip Tweezers is that the hex-textured foot provides an excellent biting point, eliminating the need to go through the usual “getting to know you” phase with other tweezers.

If you’re unsure which pair is right for you, we’ll give you a quick lesson in volume tweezer selection:

⦁ Multifunctional Tweezers are a must-have in any lash kit as they can pick up and place classics, isolate lashes at a user-friendly angle, make quick 2D volume fans, and even separate stickies (now easier than ever with their fancy new fiber grip!).
⦁ Regular Volume Tweezers are great for beginners as they offer lots of control over your fans due to their wider feet.
⦁ Fine Tip Volume Tweezers are a solid favorite of many Lash Techs due to their fine tip. They provide all the control and grip necessary to make excellent fans, and their thinner foot is particularly useful for creating fans with even the shortest lash extensions.
Before you purchase your new pair of tweezers, we must warn you about one potential issue you may encounter while using these tweezers. If you accidentally get lash extension glue on the foot of the tweezers, it may be slightly difficult to remove from the grooves in the fiber tip. To assist you, we’ve created bundles for each variant of these tweezers that include a bottle of our glue remover for tweezers. Simply soak the tweezers in the remover for a while and clean them thoroughly with the little foam balls inside the vial, and they’ll be as good as new!

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