How to stick false eyelashes? 

Most of the stick false eyelashes of Asians are sparse and short, and it is a good way to modify them with false eyelashes. But if it is not applied properly, the eyes will look unnatural, and the eyes may be large or small, but don’t worry too much, because today I will give you all the different methods of applying eyelashes at once. 

False eyelash sticking method: 

Step 1: It is very important to choose false eyelashes. This also determines whether the effect you wear later can be fake and real,  supernatural. 

Step 2: False eyelashes come with glue, but this glue is only to fix the eyelashes on the box, so the residual glue should be removed before use. Trim the ends slightly. 

Step 3: Then you can apply eyelash glue, but you can’t just stick it after you finish it. Hold both ends of the false eyelashes with your hands and twist them back and forth in a U shape, so that the curvature of the false eyelashes and the curvature of the eyes can be more docile. 

Fix the sticky middle section first, then use tweezers to fix the eye head and eye end, and then use sensitive hands to fine-tune and correct the false eyelashes to make the false eyelashes more natural and docile. 

Eyelashes are an important part of makeup. The feel and length of your lashes directly affect the integrity of your overall look. The following is an explanation of how to stick complete false eyelashes and trimmed false eyelashes.

Complete false eyelashes 

The method of sticking completely false eyelashes is very simple, and there are many types, so once you learn it, you can easily apply it to various makeup looks. 

The following are the steps for sticking the completely false eyelashes 

1. Prepare a false eyelash that matches the length of your own eyes.  The length is not required to be exactly the same as the eyes, it is very important to coordinate with the whole makeup. Complete false eyelashes cannot be used directly, and need to be trimmed according to the size of the eyes and the needs of makeup. 

Eyelash Tweezers

2. Apply eyelash glue to the false eyelashes, starting from the middle of the eyelashes. Hold the false eyelashes with tweezers, and stick them from the central part indicated by the dotted line. 

3. Then stick the end of the eyelashes in order. This step can also be changed to paste the eyelashes first. 

4. Finally attach the front part of the eyelashes. The front and tail can be pasted in sequence according to your own habits. Just remember to stick to the middle first. 

5. In order to make the false eyelashes fit better, you can draw eyeliner at the root of the eyelashes. Of course, you can also draw eyeliner first and then stick false eyelashes, but the effect is not as sharp and refreshing as the former. 

6. The picture above is the effect picture after the complete false eyelashes are pasted. Eyelashes look thicker and fuller. 

Trimmed false eyelashes

The complete false eyelashes can be pasted directly, or the false eyelashes can be cut into several sections to make the effect more natural. 

But this method will also be more difficult. So you can practice how to stick the full false eyelashes first. Try this method after you are familiar with the method of pasting completely false eyelashes. 

The steps for sticking the trimmed false eyelashes are as follows: 

1. Cut the false eyelashes into several sections. When trimming, you can trim according to the length you want. Use tweezers to pick up a  section of false eyelashes and stick them from the middle. Pay attention to finding a good location. 

2. Locate the center of the eye and attach the false eyelashes, as shown by the dotted line in the picture, attach the false eyelashes to the center of the upper eyelid. 

3. Then stick the cut false eyelashes on the side. Paste the second section of false eyelashes on the part indicated by the dotted line in the picture above. Just keep posting like this. 

4. Continue pasting the cut false eyelashes. The method of pasting the complete false hair is the same, first paste the false eyelashes in the middle part, and then continue to paste the false eyelashes at the tail or the front part, and choose the order according to your own habits.  Just remember to stick to the middle first. 

5. Hold the false eyelashes with clips and stretch the eyelashes upwards in the direction of the arrow. This step is to adjust the position of the false eyelashes before the eyelash glue is completely dry. Check in the middle like this to make sure the lashes are properly applied.

6. The picture above is the effect picture after applying false eyelashes from the center to the end of the eye. 7. Attach the false eyelashes on the front of the eyes in the same way.

8. This is the effect picture of the trimmed false eyelashes

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