How to stick false eyelashes for beginners? 

To stick false eyelashes for beginners seeing other people’s long and curly eyelashes make me envious, but I don’t have the budget for eyelash extensions, so I use false eyelashes to create curvy and thick eyelashes. Don’t worry if beginners don’t know how to apply false eyelashes, you can have thick eyelashes in three simple steps. 

Trim false eyelashes: 

First of all, we must first trim the false eyelashes. If you look carefully, you will find that most false eyelashes will have a little extra at the head and tail of the eye. We need to cut off the extra head and tail, so as not to sting the eyes. To stick false eyelashes for beginners after removing the head and tail, it is difficult for novices to stick the whole false eyelashes on the eyes directly. Therefore, it is recommended to cut them into three sections or buy small sections of false eyelashes, which will be easier to operate. 


After cutting into three sections, apply glue to the false eyelashes in turn, and stick them to the root of the eyelashes when they are half dry. You can paste the false eyelashes from the end of the eye. If you like thick eyelashes, you can paste all three sections. If you want a natural and light style, you can paste it at the end of the eye. 

Real and false lashes mixed: 

To stick false eyelashes for beginners if it is a small cluster of false eyelashes, you can choose a shorter 6cm at the head of the eye, and gradually lengthen the length to 10cm at the end of the eye. 

After sticking, wait for half a minute to let the glue dry a little, then gently clamp the real and false eyelashes together with an eyelash curler. Finally, apply a little more mascara to bind the real and false lashes more firmly, and you’re done. 

How to remove false eyelashes? 

False eyelashes can be easily removed with general eye and lip makeup remover. If you don’t want to make the false eyelashes full of makeup remover when removing, you can get the side of the makeup remover cotton with makeup remover and apply it on the root of the false eyelashes upright. In a few seconds, it can cleanly separate the real and false eyelashes. As for the cleaning of false eyelashes, you can also use eye and lip makeup remover, or buy a special false eyelash cleaning solution, carefully clean the hair and hair of the eyelashes through cotton swabs, and then reuse them. 

Advantages of eyelashes: 

In real life, makeup has become a part of many people who love beauty. Exquisite makeup not only makes people look more energetic but also corrects some personal shortcomings, which can highlight the advantages. Exquisite eye makeup is very important for the entire makeup, False eyelashes are an inseparable part, and novices need to master the technique and the dryness of the glue to fit them more naturally.


How to apply false eyelashes 

Gently brush a layer of mascara on the clipped eyelashes to make the eyelashes curl up a little. These operations are helpful for the later application of false eyelashes. To make the root of the eyelashes slightly more obvious. 

How to stick false eyelashes 

 False eyelashes are finally coming out, choose a false eyelash that suits you, trim it to a suitable length, and prepare tweezers and glue. 

How to stick false eyelashes

We also need to trim the eyelashes into three small sections, apply eyelash special glue on them, clamp the small sections with tweezers, start from the end of the eye, and paste the false eyelashes on the real eyelashes one by one root. 

How to stick false eyelashes 

 When sticking false eyelashes, we need to pay attention, because, after all, it is something that sticks to the eyes, so the glue for false eyelashes must be of good quality, so as not to hurt the eyes. In addition, when attaching false eyelashes, it is most suitable to let the glue dry for about 20 seconds before sticking to the face. 

Tips for beginners to apply false eyelashes 

When applying false eyelashes in eye makeup, first, you need to gently bend the false eyelashes so that the false eyelashes are not crossed, which will look more natural. 

To apply false eyelashes, you first need to pinch the two ends of the false eyelashes taken out of the box and try to bend them gently into the shape of the eyelids. Then put the false eyelashes on the top of the eyes and trim the size of the false eyelashes according to the length of your own eyes. You can use eyebrow scissors during the trimming process. 

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