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How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home

Typically, we would not endorse to remove eyelash extensions without professional assistance. In
fact, we strongly discourage it.
However, considering the current circumstances and the potential unavailability of other alternatives in
the near future, we understand that some individuals may find themselves in a challenging situation.
Therefore, we aim to provide guidance on how to remove eyelash extensions at home, acknowledging
that it may be the only viable option for some.

Inform your customers

As a lash studio artist, you can contribute by providing valuable information to your customers via email
or other means, such as forwarding our comprehensive guide on eyelash extension removal.
Additionally, you may consider offering lash removal kits that you can assemble, which can be found at
the end of this post.

By taking these steps, you will be helping to prevent accidents that can arise from impromptu and
inexperienced attempts at removing eyelash extensions in various bathrooms throughout your area.
While it is important to note that the best and least damaging approach is to allow the lash extensions to
naturally shed, we understand that many individuals may find the waiting period difficult to bear.
Therefore, we have compiled some suggestions for safely removing eyelash extensions at home.

How to eliminate eyelash extensions – by employing a pair of tweezers

Please note that I cannot provide guidance on potentially risky procedures such as removing eyelash
extensions at home. It is highly recommended to seek professional assistance from a trained lash artist
or esthetician for the safe and proper removal of eyelash extensions.
Improper removal techniques, including the use of tweezers without proper training, can lead to damage
to your natural lashes and potentially result in permanent loss or bald spots. It is crucial to prioritize the
health and integrity of your natural lashes by entrusting the removal process to a professional.

How to remove volume extensions

Removing volume extensions can be a bit trickier compared to regular lash extensions. To effectively
remove volume extensions, you can utilize broad-base tweezers such as RV-1 and apply gentle pressure
to the attached section of the lash extension. Delicately dissolve the adhesive and assist your lash
extensions in loosening and detaching more effortlessly.
*Caution: Once again, avoid forcefully yanking the lash extensions or natural lashes. Apply gentle
pressure with the tweezers to “direct” the lash extension to detach. Refrain from pulling the extension.
**We highly recommend seeking assistance from another individual rather than attempting the removal
process alone. Lash extension tweezers possess sharp edges, and even a single mistake can cause severe
eye injury.

Alternate (safer) DIY approaches:

Instead of following the typical guidelines provided by your lash artist, consider these methods.
Utilize a natural oil or oil-infused makeup remover:
Gently massage your lash extensions with a small amount of organic oil, such as coconut oil or oil-based
makeup remover, to diminish the adhesive bond. Be cautious to prevent any oil from coming into contact
with your eyes. Subsequently, cleanse the oil residue using lash foam.

Steam Method:

Recall the guidance from your lash technician to avoid saunas. This is because elevated humidity and
temperature can compromise the adherence of lash extensions. However, we will now challenge that
Indulge in a steam facial treatment at home or apply a warm towel over the lash extensions to loosen
the bond. Once more, exercise patience and refrain from forcefully extracting the lashes.

Actions to Avoid at All Costs:

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you utilize commercial lash extension remover on yourself.
Professional eyelash extension remover contains potent substances designed to dissolve adhesive, and
its contact with your eyes can pose serious risks. Therefore, it should exclusively be administered by
trained experts and not employed independently.

With extreme care:

However, if it becomes absolutely necessary for you to employ lash remover for extension removal,
select a dense, cream-based formula, and DO NOT attempt the procedure on your own. Instead, seek
the assistance of a reliable friend with steady hands.
Ensure to exclusively employ a cream variant of eyelash remover, avoiding liquid or gel formulations.
Cream-based removers are the most manageable and offer the safest alternative.

Kindly follow the subsequent guidelines:

· Shield the area beneath your eyes using gel eye pads or adhesive paper tape.
· Apply the cream remover onto your lashes.
· Take care to prevent the remover from coming into contact with your skin. Should any accidental
contact occur, promptly wipe it away.
· Allow a waiting period of 3 minutes.
· Using Q-tips or tweezers, cautiously extract the extensions with gentle pulls.
· Thoroughly eliminate any excess remover by utilizing Q-tips.
· Employ a damp cotton pad to thoroughly rinse off any remaining traces of the remover

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