How To Remove Eyelash Extension Glue

Regardless of how skilled you are as a lash technician, there may be times when Eyelash Extension Glue ends up where you don’t want it to be, such as on your tweezers, clothes, skin, or even on a client’s skin. Although you may already know how to remove it when removing extensions, it’s important to know how to remove eyelash extension glue from these surfaces as well. The experienced trainers at Flawless Lashes By Loreta have seen it all and can guide you through various techniques and share tips to help you avoid spills. Armed with the right knowledge, you can stay composed and take swift action.

How You can remove Eyelash Glue from Skin

If you accidentally spill eyelash adhesive on your skin or a client’s skin, don’t panic. Follow these simple steps: Gently wipe away the glue.

Wash off all traces of the remover with warm soapy water.
Tip! Be cautious when using the remover near sensitive areas. Depending on the location and amount of spillage, it may be safer to let the glue harden and gently pick it off later.

How To Remove Eyelash Extension Glue From Tweezers

Stickiness on your tweezers can cause various issues for a lash artist. To prevent it from interfering with your lash application, follow these tips:

Avoid using a second pair of tweezers to scrape off the glue, as this can damage both pairs of tweezers.
Soak the tips of the tweezers in pure boiled water.
Dry the tweezers with a tissue.
Rinse the tweezers and dry them before reusing them.
Tip! Opt for stainless steel tweezers, as they are easy to keep clean. Colored or patterned tweezers may be compromised by-products.

How To clean Eyelash Extension Glue From Clothes

If you accidentally get eyelash adhesive on your clothing, avoid using harsh cleaning products that may damage the fabric. Follow these tips to safely remove the glue:
⦁ Change into clean clothes before attempting to remove the glue.
⦁ Use a glue-removing product such as Goo Gone or Sticky Stuff Remover, or our Cream Glue Remover.
⦁ Note that these products may not be suitable for silk, leather, suede, or rubber.
⦁ For these fabrics, apply heated white vinegar to the affected area.
⦁ Let it soak for 30 minutes, then wipe away the glue.

How can you remove extra eyelash adhesive from Eyelashes?

As you gain experience as a lash technician, you may encounter situations where excess glue ends up on the lash extensions you have just applied. In such cases, follow these steps:

Use a small amount of Cream Glue Remover on a sponge applicator to remove the excess glue, taking care to avoid the adhesive that is holding the extensions in place.
Use a dry sponge applicator to carefully remove any traces of the remover.
Tip! We recommend using a cream remover instead of a gel or a liquid, as it won’t run and allows for more controlled application.

Tips To Minimise Glue Spillages

By following best practices, you can prevent the lash adhesive from ending up where you don’t want it to be:

⦁ Open your isolating tweezers wide enough to avoid getting glue on neighboring lashes.
⦁ Apply the lash through the adhesive gently, ensuring the depth is no more than 1-2mm based on the extension length.
⦁ Use lint-free wipes to clean your lash adhesive nozzle after each use to prevent build-up, and use glue pins to shake the adhesive.
⦁ Keep lint-free wipes nearby in case of spillages on your work surfaces.
⦁ Clean your tools promptly if any stickiness builds up during your work, or switch to a clean pair.
⦁ Use the appropriate adhesive for the temperature and atmosphere of your work environment.
⦁ Always have the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for your adhesive readily available while working.
So there you have it! Equipped with this expert advice and useful tips, you’ll know exactly what to do in case of a spillage. But let’s hope for smooth sailing and minimal mishaps!

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