How to maintain your eyelash tweezer?

Gaining mastery in our field necessitates a comprehensive eyelash tweezer understanding of the tools and techniques that underpin our work. The more we acquaint ourselves with our lash extension tweezers, the more seamlessly they will blend with our touch, enabling us to operate with precision and comfort. Just as you handle your lash extensions with the utmost care, your tweezers should receive no less attention. Numerous measures can be taken to safeguard eyelash tweezers these fragile instruments – a modest investment of time and energy will guarantee that your lash extension tweezers continue to serve you as effectively as they did on their inaugural day of use.

Remove any leftover lash glue with eyelash tweezer before storing them.

Once you’ve completed a session with a client, it’s essential to stow away your lash supplies to prevent them from collecting dust or dirt. Dispose of any single-use tools like lash wands and eye pads, and give your tweezers a thorough cleaning. Your tweezers can accumulate excess adhesive that might harm the delicate plating inside the tip. If this adhesive hardens, you could find yourself with tweezers that are adhesive-laden and prone to trapping extensions.

If you frequently face issues with excess adhesive on your tweezers ,eyelash tweezer it indicates you might be using too much adhesive or not allowing sufficient time for isolation before releasing. If adhesive has cured on your tweezers, you can gently chip it off using a fingernail, or consider using a nail file to cautiously wear down the adhesive until it can be chipped away. Remember not to employ lash extension remover on your tweezers, as it can erode the finish.

Thoroughly sanitize and disinfect your tools for optimal hygiene.

Following each appointment, it’s essential to effectively sanitize and disinfect your tweezers to ensure their safety for your next client. Although you likely learned the fundamentals of tool sanitization during your eyelash extension certification, a quick recap can be beneficial. Begin by sanitizing your tools, eliminating any visible debris. Subsequently, perform disinfection using barbicide. For every 32 oz of cold water, incorporate 2 oz of barbicide concentrate—using any lesser amount won’t guarantee thorough sterilization.

To attain full sterility, immerse your tweezers in the barbicide solution for a duration of 10 minutes. Carefully submerge the tweezers in the barbicide solution, taking care with their delicate tips, and ensure they avoid contact with each other within the container. After the designated time has passed, remove the tweezers and place them on a clean paper towel to naturally dry.

Keep them stored in eyelash tweezer case.

Among your collection of lash extension supplies, your eyelash tweezer hold a paramount position due to their precision in handling delicate lash extensions and precisely placing them. Safeguarding the fine tips of your lash extension tweezers is paramount, and the optimal approach is to store them within a protective case. A variety of options cater to different budget ranges. This elegant case features internal cushioning to shield the delicate tips of up to six tweezers simultaneously. Its magnetic closure guarantees secure sealing, even during transportation. This straightforward investment effectively shields your most indispensable and industrious tools.

Keep an additional pair on hand, in case of emergencies.

Mishaps occur inevitably. Lash extension tweezers, inherently delicate, can suffer from even minor accidents. While most are constructed from stainless steel, a simple drop can lead to the distortion or scratching of their fragile tips and surfaces. If you aren’t consistent in storing your eyelash tweezer within a case, it’s wise to maintain an extra pair on hand permanently. Avoid allowing a split-second mishap to disrupt an appointment, and spare yourself the inconvenience of hunting for a replacement if your favored tweezers become misshapen. Once you identify tweezers that suit your needs, consider acquiring one or two additional pairs for contingency. This precaution might appear superfluous, yet the foresight will undoubtedly prove valuable.

Refrain from using hand sanitizer when manipulating your tweezers.

Numerous lash extension training programs emphasize the regular use of hand sanitizer as part of maintaining proper self-sanitization habits during client sessions. While prioritizing hygiene is crucial, exercising caution is advisable when utilizing commonplace hand sanitizers around your lash extension tweezers. If your preferred eyelash tweezer boast a gold finish, it’s essential to ensure your hands are entirely dry post hand sanitizer application before handling the tweezers. This is to prevent any potential damage to the elegant gold coating caused by the hand sanitizer.

Ensure that the tension suits your needs.

Acquiring a fresh set of tweezers is genuinely exciting, especially when you pinpoint the perfect match for your requirements. As lashes vary in size and texture across different eyelash extension brands, it’s crucial to verify that the tweezers you acquire are compatible with your preferred brands. At Lash Affair, all our tweezers are meticulously handcrafted with a remarkably light tension, strategically aimed at preventing fatigue. Should you discover tweezers you favor, but the tension doesn’t quite align, a gentle separation of the two sides can widen the gap, thereby increasing tension. Our tweezers offer flexibility in tailoring tension to your preference. However, exercise caution – excessive force can lead to damage.

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