Properly holding your lash tweezers is crucial for effective eyelash extension application. It is essential to ensure accurate lash pickup, proper lash isolation, and smooth maneuverability of the tweezers.

To hold your tweezers correctly, follow these guidelines:

  1. Grip: Hold the tweezers using a relaxed grip, with your thumb and index finger positioned just above the midpoint of the tweezers’ length. Avoid excessive gripping that can strain your hand and hinder precision.
  2. Angle: Maintain a slight downward angle of the tweezers, with the tips pointing towards the lashes. This allows for improved visibility and control during lash pickup.
  3. Pressure: Apply gentle pressure on the tweezers to secure the lashes without crushing them. Avoid excessive pressure that can damage the lashes or cause discomfort to the client.
Eyelash tweezers

Holding your tweezers correctly is essential for several reasons:

  1. Precision: Proper grip and angle enable accurate pickup and isolation of individual lashes, resulting in a clean and professional lash application.
    1. Efficiency: Correct tweezers’ holding technique enhances your dexterity and speed, making your lash application process more efficient and time-saving.
    1. Comfort: Holding the tweezers correctly reduces hand strain, preventing fatigue and discomfort during extended lash application sessions.


Learning a new technique, such as a proper tweezer grip, can feel awkward initially. It is crucial to practice and perfect this grip to avoid discomfort and pain during lash application.

The positioning of tweezers is a matter of personal preference, but it becomes more crucial when dealing with back-to-back clients. Incorrect positioning of tweezers can cause extreme discomfort and pain, especially when working with classic sets all day. As a lash artist, I have personally experienced holding tweezers incorrectly at times.

For lash artists working with volume and mega volume sets, incorrect finger positioning on the tweezers can directly impact their ability to create lash fans and apply them to the client’s lashes. These mistakes can result in discomfort, joint pain, and difficulties in achieving desired lash application results.

To avoid these issues, it is crucial to practice proper tweezer grip and finger positioning, especially when working with volume and mega-volume sets. Taking the time to develop correct techniques and positioning can lead to a more comfortable and efficient lash application process, resulting in satisfied clients and improved overall performance as a lash artist.


When holding your lash tweezer, it’s important to use a three-finger grip. Your index and middle fingers should be on one side of the tweezer, as shown in the picture, while your thumb should be on the other side for balance.

For additional stability, you can also use your fourth finger closer to the tip of the tweezer to provide support. When creating a fan, your hand, thumb, and index finger should be relaxed, with only the middle finger doing the work.

The other fingers of your hand are there for support, while the middle finger applies pressure and manipulates the tweezer to create the desired fan. Practicing this technique will help you achieve better control and precision in your lash extension application.


Some common mistakes made by both beginner and seasoned lash artists when holding eyelash extension tweezers include:

Gripping the tweezer too high, results in a loose grip that can cause lash fans to fall apart.

Holding the tweezer too low, similar to holding a pen, which requires excessive pressure and can lead to long-term pain and premature muscle fatigue in the hand.

Difficulty accessing the client’s natural lashes due to fingers obstructing the way when holding the tweezer too low.

Holding the lash extensions tweezers with only two fingers, lacking stability and support from the index finger, which can make the work more complicated and result in less precise lash application.

It is important to maintain a proper grip on the tweezers, avoiding extremes of holding too high or too low, and ensuring that all fingers are positioned appropriately to provide stability and control during the lash extension application process. Practicing a correct tweezer grip can help improve efficiency and reduce the risk of discomfort or injury associated with incorrect hand positioning.


Lash tweezers are a crucial tool for applying eyelash extensions, with various shapes and sizes available, each suited for specific techniques.

However, did you know that how you hold your tweezers can significantly impact your application process? It’s true!

Mastering the correct way to hold your lash tweezers can enhance your control, reduce hand fatigue, and prevent long-term damage to your hand muscles. For isolation tweezers, I find it effective to place my index and middle fingers on the end of my fingertips, with my thumb resting on the knuckle of my ring finger.

Similarly, when working on the forehead, I position my three fingers towards the forehead, elbow out, resting it on the forehead. This way I can easily work on both eyes.

I rest my wrist on the side of the forehead, keeping my elbow down and angling it towards the eye pad, being careful not to approach the eyeball. I then bring my elbow up and rest it on the corner of the forehead, allowing me to access the entire eye area without compromising the eyelashes or adhesive.

One of my personal favorites is the ThousandLashes Volume Tweezer. It fits comfortably in hand, with a slightly thick and durable tip that prevents bending of the eyelashes and ensures a secure grip on every lash.

I recommend holding the tweezer with two fingers behind and the thumb in the middle, avoiding holding it too high to minimize strain on the hand. Ultimately, it’s essential to find a comfortable grip that minimizes hand fatigue while working with your tweezers.

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