How to efficaciously affix eyelash extensions

Every lash artisan aspires to gain the proper connection among herbal Eyelashes extensions. However, despite impeccable consultations and ideal designs, the final results also can involve untimely shedding. This tension-inducing final results can depart any lash professional feeling both vexed and bewildered.

If you are going through stressful conditions with the durability of eyelash extensions for your customers, rest confident, you are in suitable corporation. To offer reassurance, our professionals have compiled crucial recommendation on attaching and positioning lashes for clients.

Continue perusing to find out strategies for boosting your retention expenses, ensuring purchaser pleasure with each application.

Primary guiding principle: Affix lashes at a distance of zero.5mm from the skin along the lash line.

Extensions need to be positioned adjoining to the herbal eyelash, retaining a separation of 0.5mm from the skin along the lash line. Inaccurate placement of extensions at the unique distance can motive concerns:

Eyelash extensions
Eyelash extensions

Should the lash extension be positioned in proximity to the skin, the adhesive may permeate into the skin, inducing discomfort. Additionally, the lash might create friction each time the client opens and closes their eye, resulting in considerable discomfort. This can be highly unpleasant and potentially result in swelling, redness, and puffiness in the eye region.

Furthermore, when the lashes are affixed excessively distant from the natural lash, it creates a noticeable interval. In such instances, debris and oils may become ensnared beneath the lash extension, leading to premature detachment. There’s even a risk of snagging the new lash set with your lash brush, potentially causing unintended removal.

Ensure complete adherence of the extension at its base

Irrespective of the curl, length, or direction employed, it is crucial to confirm that the foundation of the lash extension is securely affixed to the natural lash, with a minimum of 2mm attachment.

Without precision, there’s a risk of misaligning it at an incorrect angle, causing the base of the natural lash to protrude. In such instances, dirt and oils may accumulate beneath the lash extension, leading to premature detachment. There’s even a possibility of inadvertently catching the new lash set with your lash brush and removing it.

Certain natural lashes exhibit a bent or sideways growth pattern. While the temptation may arise to lash onto every individual lash, for the sake of enhanced attachment, it’s advisable to omit them! Bent eyelashes lack sufficient bonding surface and are prone to premature shedding.

The guideline of a right angle

The principle of the 90-degree rule is straightforward: position every eyelash extension at a 90-degree angle. Ensure the attachment of the lash adheres to a 90-degree orientation from the eyelid, as opposed to aligning it with the natural direction of the lashes or your bodily stance in relation to the client.

Certain styles necessitate the placement of the lash beyond the 90-degree angle. Nevertheless, even in such instances, it is imperative to lash from the inner corner to the center of the eye at a 90-degree angle. (A broader angle can be applied to the outer corner for a winged effect.)

When the lash extension is positioned at an angle wider than 90 degrees on the inner corner, it not only lacks aesthetic appeal but can also lead to discomfort for the customer.

Is it permissible to affix a lash extension from a lateral position?

No explicit guideline dictates the direction from which you should affix lash extensions. It is acceptable to attach them from the side and underneath. Ensure, however, that the extension’s base aligns parallel to the natural lash and provides sufficient bonding surface.

Upper affixing: Widely adopted and favored, particularly effective for naturally straight or downward-pointing lashes.

Lateral affixing: Opting for the side attachment method enhances lash fullness, making it ideal for clients with sparse natural lashes. However, it’s not advisable for individuals with naturally curly lashes as obtaining sufficient bonding surface from the side can be challenging.

Lower affixing: Following closely in popularity after top attachment, this method is well-suited for clients with upward or curly natural lashes.

Additional advice: When dealing with clients boasting extremely light blond natural lashes, affixing dark-colored lash extensions might result in the exposure of their light-colored roots, which is aesthetically unfavorable, especially as they grow out.

Opt for the upper attachment method for the top layers of natural lashes and employ the lower attachment method for the lower layer. This ensures comprehensive coverage from all perspectives!

BL Lashes Checklist for Ensuring Eyelash Extension Longevity

Maintaining the longevity of eyelash extensions might seem daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. To assist you in consistently satisfying your clients, we’ve devised the subsequent checklist:

1. Thoroughly cleanse lashes

2. Verify adhesive type and quantity used

3. Optimal lash length and weight

4. Sufficient surface area attachment

5. Appropriate angled placement

6. Ensure a secure bond

7. Consider humidity and temperature

8. Communicate client aftercare

Achieve Eyelash Extension Endurance with BL Lashes

When lash extensions lack proper bonding, there’s a potential for early shedding, putting your client at risk. Whether you’re a novice lash artist grappling with eyelash extensions or a seasoned professional, BL Lashes is here to assist you in ensuring lashes that endure until the subsequent fill.

Starting from Lash Extensions and extending to Lash Extension Aftercare, our team of professionals possesses a wealth of expertise and insights into effective lash care. We understand your requirements for lash products and are dedicated to providing the quality you anticipate as a professional lash technician.

Explore our range of lash supplies today for the opulent quality you can anticipate as a skilled lash specialist!

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