How to correctly attach lash extensions

All lash technicians strive to attain flawless adhesion between the natural and correctly attach lash extensions. However, even with top-notch consultations and impeccable design, early shedding may occur, leaving the lash artist feeling exasperated and perplexed.
If you’re facing difficulties with eyelash extension retention for your customers, rest assured that you’re not alone. Our specialists have compiled essential advice on lash attachment and placement to help put your mind at ease. Read on to discover how you can enhance your retention skills and meet your client’s expectations with every lash application.

The initial guideline is to attach the lashes 0.5mm from the skin along the lash line.

It’s crucial to place the extensions precisely along the natural lash, keeping a 0.5mm distance from the skin along the lash line. Deviating from this distance may lead to two problems:

Placing the lash extension too close to the skin can cause the adhesive to seep into the skin, resulting in discomfort. Additionally, the lash may rub against the skin each time the client blinks, causing extreme discomfort, swelling, redness, and puffiness in the eye area.
Alternatively, if the extensions are attached too far out along the natural lash, it creates a noticeable gap. This gap can trap dirt and oils beneath the lash extension, causing it to fall out prematurely. Furthermore, accidentally catching the new lash set on your lash brush may result in its removal.

Make sure that the base of the extension is firmly fixed.

Regardless of the length, direction, or curl you select, it’s crucial to ensure that the extension’s base is firmly attached to the natural lash, at a minimum distance of 2mm from the skin. Placing the extension at the wrong angle can cause the base of the natural lash to lift, resulting in dirt and oils getting trapped under the extension. Consequently, the lashes may fall off earlier than expected, and you may even unintentionally remove the new lash set with your lash brush.
Some natural lashes grow in a bent or sideways direction. Although you may be tempted to apply lash extensions to every single lash, it’s best to leave these out for optimal attachment. Bent lashes provide inadequate attachment surfaces and are at a higher risk of premature falling.

The 90-degree rule

The 90-degree rule dictates that each eyelash extension should be attached at a 90-degree angle. It is essential to secure the extension at a right angle to the eyelid, disregarding the direction of the natural lashes or your position relative to the client’s body.

Certain designs, such as the cat-eye, may require you to place the lash wider than the 90-degree angle. However, even in such cases, the lashes from the inner corner to the center of the eye should be attached at a 90-degree angle. (The outer corner can have a wider angle to create a winged effect).
Placing the lash extension at a wider angle than 90 degrees on the inner corner not only looks unflattering but can also cause discomfort to the customer.

Can a lash extension be attached from the side?

There are no set guidelines for the direction in which lash extensions must be attached. It is acceptable to attach them from the side and bottom as well. Ensuring that the base of the extension is in line with the natural lash and that there is sufficient adhesive area is vital.

The top attachment method is the most commonly used and popular technique, particularly for straight and downward natural lashes. The side attachment method can make lashes look fuller and works well for clients with few natural lashes. However, it is not recommended for clients with naturally curly lashes as there may not be enough bonding surface available from the side.

Here’s an additional tip: if your client has very light blond natural lashes, attaching dark-colored lash extensions may leave their light color roots exposed, which can look unappealing as they grow out.

To ensure full coverage, apply the top attachment method on the upper natural lash layers and the bottom attachment method on the lower layers. Our team of experts at BL Lashes is dedicated to providing you with knowledge and tips for effective lash treatment, from lash extensions to aftercare, to ensure that your clients’ lashes last until their next fill.

Get Eyelash Extension Retention with BL Lashes

When lash extensions fail to bond properly, it can lead to premature shedding, causing dissatisfaction among clients. Whether you’re an experienced lash artist or a newcomer struggling with eyelash extensions, BL Lashes is here to provide you with the necessary guidance to ensure that the lashes last until the next fill.

Our team of experts is well-versed in all aspects of eyelash extensions, from application to aftercare, and we’re committed to providing you with valuable tips and knowledge. We understand the expectations of lash artists when it comes to lash products, and we strive to meet those expectations with our offerings.

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