How to choose good false eyelashes?

In recent years, false eyelashes have become more and more realistic, and the stalks have become softer and softer. Soft stalk false eyelashes are more comfortable to wear, but it may not be very easy for novices to paste them. Let me teach you Choose false eyelashes and share the experience of sticking soft stem false eyelashes, you will be able to master them easily. When choosing false eyelashes, you should not only look at the style but also the stem of the false eyelashes.

The stalks of false eyelashes are generally divided into three types: fishing line stalks, cotton stalks, and plastic stalks. Cotton stalks are very soft, so they won’t irritate the eyelids after being attached, and they are not easy to warp, but the disadvantage is that the stalks are easy to bend and deform after being torn off, and the reuse rate is low; the fishline stalks have better makeup effect, transparent and invisible, It is convenient to cut a bunch of stickers, and the original curvature can be maintained after tearing off, but the disadvantage is that it is easier to fall off and warp.

Plastic stems are relatively hard and not as comfortable as fishing line stems and cotton stems, but they are still a good choice for women with single eyelids and inner double eyelids because harder stems can hold up the eyelids and have a better shaping effect. For daily light makeup, natural false eyelashes with soft and thin stems are generally chosen, which are not only comfortable to wear, but also very invisible. It is said that false eyelashes with thin and soft stems are difficult to stick, so let me share the steps for sticking them.

Do a “soft body exercise” for the false eyelashes:

In order to make the shape of the false eyelashes fit the eyes better and make it more comfortable to

wear, after taking out the false eyelashes, hold the two ends of the false eyelashes and bend back and forth to make the false eyelashes stem softer.

Find the most suitable length:

The false eyelashes you just bought need to be trimmed to better fit your eye shape. First, we need to place the false eyelashes on top of the eyelashes for comparison. The end of the eye can be slightly longer, cut away the excess length.

Apply a little more glue on both ends of the false eyelashes:

Apply a layer of glue along the stem of the false eyelashes. You can apply more on the ends of the false eyelashes because the eyes and the ends of the eyes are very easy to warp.

It is easier to make good use of small tools:

Because the stalks of false eyelashes are soft and thin, it is difficult to grasp the position with fingers. It is recommended to use small clips to help make the process more efficient. When pasting, align it with the middle and paste it down, and then adjust the position of both sides.

Eyeliner to cover up the traces of glue:

After applying the false eyelashes, use eyeliner to fill the gaps at the root of the eyelashes or the exposed glue traces, so that the stalk of the false eyelashes and the eyeliner is integrated.

Superimposing and pasting small sections at the end is perfect:

If you want the eyelashes at the end of the eye to be thicker, you can cut out a small section of the entire row of false eyelashes, superimpose and paste it on the end of the eye to make the eyelashes at the end thicker.

How to wear and choose false eyelashes?

Many girls who love beauty like to use false eyelashes to beautify their eyes, and the correct use will make the eyes charming. False eyelashes, though fine and delicate, are fragile, so be careful when using them.

The skills of wearing false eyelashes are as follows:

  1. Choose false eyelashes The first step is to find the perfect false eyelashes that suit you. You can choose according to your own preferences. Generally speaking, the middle of the false eyelashes is longer than the ends. Which will make the eyes look more lovely.

2. Repeat eyelash clipping An important step before sticking false eyelashes is to clip your own eyelashes with an eyelash curler. After this operation, the fit between the real eyelashes and the false eyelashes can be improved. It is recommended to repeat the clip twice to consolidate the curl.

3. Apply mascara Then apply mascara to the eyelashes. This is more suitable for users of natural false eyelashes. If the false eyelashes are too long and exaggerated. You can also paste the false eyelashes first and then use mascara.

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