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How to Choose Eyelash Extension Tweezers

The Surgics is the leading manufacturing company and wholesale supplier for Private Label & Customized Lash Tweezers.  Lash extension tweezers are an important assistant in every lash tech’s package. Moreover, they’re with you at every step of the procedure. For this reason, being an professional lash tech approach learning the artistry of professional lash extension tweezers utilization.

Need to know Eyelash Extension Styles

Step one in deciding on lash tweezers is to recognize the lash looks you’ll be developing for clients. Will you be working with volume lashes to create a dramatic flair? Do your clients lean closer to extra natural lash patterns? Lash tweezers are constructed to address different patterns, so narrowing down the seems you’re imparting will assist you decide!

Types & Shapes for Eyelash Extension

If you want to start separating best lash tweezers from one another and picking the right pair for different purposes you should know that you need to pay attention to the shape of the tips.

There are many types of tips and each one is suitable for one or more lashing techniques.

L-shape Eyelash Extension

What does it take to make ideal hand-made quantity fanatics? A pair of l-fashioned tweezers, of route. L-form makes it easy to attach them as nicely.

S-Shape Eyelash Extension

Your customer comes and says, “extent”. This indicates you are the usage of the s-form even as choosing up and attaching hand-made enthusiasts to natural lashes. In some instances, s-shape additionally serves for isolation purposes.

F-Shape Eyelash Extension

However, there may be nothing higher for isolation than f-shaped professional eyelash extension tweezers. They are ideal for mink person eyelash extensions attachment as well. Ation purposes.

I-Shape Eyelash Extension

 Those instantly tweezers are designed for isolation and for traditional fashion. Thinner tweezers are extra suitable for isolation approach, and thicker ones are finest for the classic lash extension style.

X-Shape Eyelash Extension

Conventional, classic and classic. Very secure and convenient form for this style.

A-Shape Eyelash Extension

This shape is also the most suitable for classic lash extensions.

Choosing your Tweezers for Eye Lashes

First and primary, you need to discern out the purpose of the use of lash extension tweezers. Whether or not it is going to be traditional, volume, or lash fanatics making. For every method, you need a exclusive pair to absolutely fulfill your wishes. With regards to isolation, you already know that you have to ace this method, as isolation is vital for the complete manner. We recommend the usage of tweezers product of light-weight fabric so that you do now not sense numbness on your fingers as you need your hands for the relaxation of the day to carry out your process well. Uncomfortable heavy pair of tweezers isn’t suitable in your arm and overall overall performance, and as a consequence, it’s essential to take note of this aspect earlier than buying.


Important! When you’re protecting the tweezers, ensure that your thumb and index finger are horizontally placed at the grip. Brace the tweezers along with your middle finger for added help. Don’t preserve them too a long way from the tips, or it will likely be tough to shut them, as this manner you’ll experience uncomfortable quite fast.

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