Eyelash extension is an incredibly sought-after service that continues to gain popularity. It offers a fantastic way to enhance the length and fullness of your client’s natural lashes. Among the various lash styles available, fox eyelashes have emerged as one of the most popular choices.

What are fox eyelash extensions? How can you achieve the captivating fox lash look through eyelash extensions?
Fox eyelash extensions are an established technique in the industry that has gained immense popularity through the widespread use of social media platforms like Instagram, where celebrities showcase their stunning fox lash styles. This trend is no longer limited to the realm of celebrities—it has become a hot trend accessible to all!


Fox eyelashes are akin to standard lashes but with an amplified dose of flair and allure! As a lash artisan, attaining this style necessitates a few pointers and honing your skills. This blog entry will furnish you with valuable insights and guidance on how to accomplish this captivating lash style.

This voguish appearance has garnered considerable acclaim in the realm of beauty. It complements individuals of all kinds, while particularly enhancing the allure of clients blessed with almond-shaped eyes or those desiring to augment their appeal. If you too aspire to embrace fox lashes, continue perusing!


This style is defined by a more organic look and a seductive and coquettish expression. The lashes exhibit a greater length in the outer corner than usual, albeit not excessively elongated. They gracefully adhere to the natural curvature of the eye, resulting in a stunning and gentle outcome.
The fox lash style boasts a distinctiveness and unevenness that amplifies its natural appeal even further. The proximity of your eyes to each other accentuates this effect. The application technique employed for this extension type is referred to as the “angel wing,” which entails affixing shorter lashes on the inner corners of the eyes and progressively augmenting their length towards the outer corners.


If you wish to infuse a touch of allure into your client’s gaze, fox eyelashes might be the perfect choice.
The fox lash style serves as an excellent means to enhance the eye’s openness and create an illusion of wider spacing. It imparts a more captivating and dramatic appearance to the overall face.

Fox eyelashes are well-suited for individuals with closely positioned eyes or those blessed with almond-shaped eye contours. Additionally, this style proves to be an optimal option for clients boasting round, widely-spaced eyes! These lashes possess the power to reshape the eye, enhance its aesthetic appeal, and bestow it with a heightened sense of beauty.


When aiming to achieve the fox eye look, the L curl emerges as the go-to choice for a flawless curl. This lash curl excels in lifting and accentuating the eye, instilling it with that seductive and fierce allure that currently commands the beauty realm.

However, don’t feel limited to the realm of dramatic styling. The fox look can also be effortlessly accomplished using C and B curls for a more natural approach. That said, the M curl stands as the most popular curl type for capturing the essence of the fox eye trend.


The fox lash technique may not be compatible with every eye shape. To ensure a flattering outcome and prevent any undesired effects, it is crucial to identify which eye shapes are not suitable for this particular technique.
Individuals with prominently recessed or monolid eyes should avoid these extensions as they can further accentuate the deep-set appearance and add heaviness to the eyes.


You’ve observed it on Instagram, and now you’re enthusiastic to acquire the method for crafting that captivating fox-eye appearance on your clients.
Do not fret, for we are here to provide you with guidance!
You might be curious: “How can I attain that captivating fox-inspired appearance using eyelashes?” Have no worries, as it is simpler than you might imagine. Here are the fundamental tips:
To attain this effect, commence by positioning the briefest lashes on the inner corners of the eyes, gradually elongating them as you move toward the outer corners.


Lash extensions serve as an excellent means to enhance your client’s lash length and volume, but what steps should you take when it’s time for removal?

Here’s a guide on how to safely remove eyelash extensions utilizing lash removal cream:


Generously apply the lash removal cream to the eyelash extensions.

Allow the formula approximately 90 seconds to dissolve the adhesive bonds between the lash extensions and the natural lashes.


With utmost care, delicately extract the lash extensions using your tweezers, ensuring not to tug on your client’s natural lashes or exert excessive pressure on their eyes. Such actions could result in discomfort and damage to their natural lashes!


Thoroughly rinse away any residual traces from the removal process using water and a clean towel (alternatively, utilize lint-free wipes).

You may also choose to cleanse your client’s natural lashes with shampoo to eliminate any lingering residue from the lash removal formula. It is essential to prevent any potential irritation caused by remnants after removing their lashes!


The “Effortlessly Natural” lash style is the ideal choice for individuals who desire a subtle and delicate lash appearance. This option ensures that the lashes appear naturally beautiful as if they were naturally bestowed upon the wearer, without any exaggerated drama or complications.

For clients who crave a touch of extra glamour, the “Foxy” style is a fantastic alternative. These lashes possess a more pronounced dramatic effect than the classic style, while still maintaining a natural look. They are perfect for those seeking additional length and volume.

On the other hand, the “Squirrel” lash style is a splendid option for those desiring long and voluminous lashes that create impact without being overwhelming or overtly conspicuous. These lashes work wonders in emphasizing the eyes while maintaining simplicity in makeup application.

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