Eyelash extensions: their mechanism, varieties, and guidelines

If you browse the internet for pictures of adorable or attractive beings, whether they be human or otherwise, you’ll notice that they frequently possess lengthy and voluminous Eyelash extensions. Throughout history, individuals have employed various substances and formulations to enhance the thickness, color, and length of their lashes in order to enhance their aesthetic appeal.

Eyelash extensions provide a semi-permanent method for achieving the appearance of longer, thicker, and more opulent eyelashes, eliminating the necessity for mascara, artificial eyelashes, or other eyelash cosmetics.

What do eyelash extensions entail?

What do eyelash extensions entail? Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent artificial lashes designed to enhance the length, density, and plenitude of your natural lashes. Unlike conventional false eyelashes, which come as a single strip of lashes, eyelash extensions consist of individually curled, lash-like strands. Eyelash extensions are crafted from various materials and can be either natural (such as silk or mink) or synthetic (comprising plastic fibers or imitation mink) (Mukamal, ).

On average, the upper eyelid contains approximately 90 to 160 lashes per eye . Each eyelash extension is meticulously applied one by one, securely bonded to your own natural lashes using a hypoallergenic surgical or waterproof eyelash adhesive formulated to withstand perspiration and the body’s natural oils around the eyes. Given the meticulous individual attachment process, achieving a full set of eyelashes can take several hour.

Depending on your facial features and eye shape, eyelash extensions can effectively double or even triple the volume of your lashes. These extensions are available in various styles, offering options in terms of curl, length, and thickness, allowing you to personalize your desired look.

What is the duration of eyelash extensions’ effectiveness?

The natural growth cycle of your eyelashes typically spans from four to ten weeks (Patel, ). Eyelash extensions are intended to remain affixed to your natural lashes and endure throughout the majority of this lash growth cycle. Many individuals typically schedule monthly appointments to address any potential gaps resulting from the shedding of their natural eyelashes (Rhue, ).

By diligently upkeeping your eyelash extensions, you can frequently preserve their natural appearance, cleanliness, and freshness for an extended period, potentially stretching up to two months.

What should you anticipate when having eyelash extensions administered?

If you’re preparing to receive your initial set of eyelash extensions, be prepared to allocate a few hours for your appointment. Typically, the application process takes a minimum of two hours (Rhue,).

During the procedure, you’ll recline in a comfortable position with your eyes closed, making it impossible to engage with your phone or peruse reading material. While some establishments offer background music, you may opt to enjoy a podcast or your preferred music while your lashes are being applied.
In the United States, there is no federal supervision governing the application or removal of eyelash extensions. It’s advisable to research the regulations that pertain to lash artists in your particular state (AAO,). Nonetheless, it is strongly recommended that you have your eyelash extensions applied by a certified lash technician who has undergone formal training in this field. Professionals qualified to perform eyelash extensions encompass aestheticians, cosmetologists, lash stylists, and medical practitioners.

Here are some recommendations for your initial appointment:

  1. Prior to your visit, ensure all eye makeup is completely removed.
  2. Prepare to keep your eyes closed for approximately two hours during the procedure.
  3. Your lash technician will delicately cleanse both your upper and lower eyelids.
  4. To prevent your lower lashes from adhering to the upper ones, they will use surgical tape to affix the lower lashes to your skin.
  5. Using tweezers or a similar tool, they will then individually separate or isolate your natural lashes.
  6. An eyelash extension will be affixed to the top of each separated lash using a minute amount of medical or surgical grade adhesive.
  7. This process will be repeated for every lash on both eyes.
    Typically, most lash extensions naturally shed over time as part of your eyelash growth and shedding cycles. If you wish to remove them prematurely, it is advisable to have a professional handle it to maintain the health of your natural eyelashes.

Maintaining Your Eyelash Extensions

You’ve dedicated two hours or more to the application of your eyelash extensions and made a substantial financial investment. Your lashes now look stunning. However, you can’t simply apply them and neglect them. They require some upkeep to maintain their appearance and prevent potential eye infections. Typically, eyelash extensions have a lifespan of about one month, but by adhering to the following recommended practices, you can prolong their durability to six to eight weeks (Rhue,).

The Recommended Actions

1. Post-Application Care: During the initial 24-48 hours, it’s crucial to avoid getting your lash extensions wet. Your lash artist may advise against showering or eye washing during this period, as water can weaken the adhesive and lead to premature lash extension loss.

2. Regular Cleansing: Following the critical initial period of care, it’s essential to maintain the cleanliness of your lashes. Regular cleaning helps prevent eye infections and irritation by removing residue that accumulates near the lash line.

3. Delicate Brushing: Using a clean, soft, dry spoolie (similar to a mascara brush), gently brush the tops of your eyelash extensions (where the curl is) daily. You may find it helpful to use a freshly washed finger to support the lashes as you brush them.

4. Periodic Rinsing: Every three days, tilt your face towards the gentle flow of your shower, ensuring that the water is warm (never hot), allowing it to run over your forehead and rinse the lashes. Alternatively, you can cleanse them using distilled water or a specialized eyelash extension cleanser.
5. Adjusting Your Skincare Routine: Modify your skincare regimen to align with your eyelash extensions. Use exclusively non-waterproof eye makeup and opt for a makeup remover that is non-oil-based.

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