Do false eyelashes ruin your eyelashes?

Eyelashes ruin, When it comes to the highlights of eyes and eye makeup, eyelashes are an important part! Thick and slender eyelashes not only have the effect of enlarging the eyes but also act as inner eyeliner when thickened, making the eyes look super energetic.

However, some handicapped sisters usually either use mascara to create fly-like makeup, or the false eyelashes are not attached well. If you want to have long and curled eyelashes, you might as well come
here to see eyelash grafting. Eyelash grafting, also known as eyelash extension, can keep the eyelashes straight and long for a long period of time.
But eyelash extensions are still prone to some problems. Before you choose eyelash extensions, you might as well read this article to find out.

What is an eyelash extension?

Eyelash extension (eyelash grafting) is gluing the simulated eyelashes to the natural eyelashes, a little distance from the root of the eyelashes and the eye. The specific process is to glue eyelashes of different
lengths to our eyelashes one by one. This process takes a lot of time. Before carrying out eyelash grafting, there are still some preparations to be done.

false eyelashes ruin

Select the style (material, color, and curl of artificial eyelashes);

Paste tape partitions, delineate the upper and lower eyelashes and the area where eyelashes of different lengths are pasted; Use physiological saline to clean the dirt and sweat around the eyes and comb the eyelashes softly.

Some shops may be used to cleaning first and then applying the tape, and some shops will paste first and then clean. I feel that this order is mainly related to the personal habits of the eyelash artist. As long as
they can be done according to the standard, it is OK.

Is eyelash grafting risky?

Grafting eyelashes is a beauty project performed on the eyes, and of course, there are certain risks. The risks of eyelash extensions are mainly related to the technique of the eyelash artist and the glue used.
Some eyelash artists have not received systematic training, and the eyelashes are not tightly pasted, or the glue directly touches the eyelids, which is prone to eye infections.

false eyelashes ruin

It’s a trivial matter if it just sticks to the outer eyelids, but if the glue touches the eye hair follicles or eyelids and irritates the eyes, it is prone to itching, redness, tears, and other uncomfortable situations, and it will cause eye irritation in severe cases. The occurrence of inflammation. The glue used for grafting eyelashes needs to be very viscous, and many chemicals will inevitably be added, which may irritate the skin and cause allergies.

How to avoid risks of eyelashes ruin as much as possible?

At present, there is no uniform standard for eyelash ruin. If you want to do eyelash ruin grafting, it is best to choose a local store with a good reputation and a large flow of people. To a certain extent, word-of-
mouth means that the technology and service of this point and store

have passed the test, and the technology and experience of eyelash beauticians will be more abundant if the traffic is large. In addition, any symptoms of discomfort during the operation should be raised in time: the glue smells pungent, the eyes are smoky and tears, and the beautician should be asked to stop the operation and change the type of glue after eye discomfort, should be removed in time.
Eyelash grafting is for the beauty around the eyes. It is not recommended to do it for a long time. It is no problem to do it once in a while on important occasions.

What are the material options for grafted eyelashes ruin?

In terms of materials, there are mainly two categories, artificial hair, and animal hair. Except for mink animal hair, other eyelashes are basically artificial hair, no matter whether it has silk, mink silk, or mink velvet in its name. The eyelashes of animal hair are softer and more realistic, and the price is
naturally higher than that of artificial hair.

eyelashes ruin

You don’t have to choose the most expensive and best eyelashes, just choose the most suitable one within your budget. In addition, the grafted eyelashes can be grafted in a way that is longer
in the middle and shorter on both sides. Grafting according to the shape of your own eyelashes-short inner corner, longer middle, and second-longest outer corner will be more like optimization on the
original basis. Generally, not, unless the false eyelashes are forcibly pulled off and the
real eyelashes are involved.
However, the growth period of the eyelashes is relatively short, only 1-2 months, and the rest of the time the eyelashes are basically in a resting state about to fall. If the grafted false eyelashes fall off just as
your real eyelashes are in the resting period.

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