Correct usage of eyelash tweezers

The international standard implementation method is common to hold straight eyelash tweezers in the left hand and curved tweezers in the right hand. There are also people who are used to holding back with their left and right hands.

How to hold the eyelash tweezers:

However, no matter which hands the tweezers are held in, they are held with the thumb and middle finger, and the index finger is used as an aid. The force used by the fingers is what is commonly known in the beauty industry as “yin force” rather than deadly force. This is to avoid excessive force and allow easy grafting without excessive force and mistakes. The handling of tweezers is a very important point in safe grafting, and it is always necessary to confirm that no bad habits have been formed.

eyelash tweezers

Distinguish eyelashes: separate and comb the eyelashes one by one

An eyelash extension is glued on top of one eyelash, in order not to stick the eyelashes next door together. The straight tweezers are inserted into the eyelashes close to the root, and an eyelash will appear in the middle of the separated tweezers’ legs, which clearly separates an eyelash. At the same time, the curved tweezers can also be held in reverse to assist in pulling out stacked eyelashes.

Proper hair removal

The usual hand-held curved tweezers are almost at a vertical angle to the grafted eyelashes. Use the tweezers to clamp the slightly upper part of the middle of the extended eyelashes, and pull the extended eyelashes obliquely upwards (in your own direction). Do not pull in the opposite direction of the grafted eyelashes. Fetch the hair, which will cause the grafted eyelashes to deform or bend.

eyelash tweezers


After picking the hair with curved tweezers, the grafted eyelashes must be placed at a position close to the root of the real eyelashes at a distance of 1mm for adhesion to ensure that they do not touch the customer’s skin. Before completing the adhesion, make sure that there are no glue drops, so as to evenly adhere so that the effect is more durable.

Types and functions of eyebrow shaping tools

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How to Hold eyelash Tweezers Correctly

The tweezers are the hands of the eyelash artist. The correct posture of holding the tweezers is very important for an eyelash artist, and it may even affect whether he can become an eyelash artist. If you can’t graft eyelashes for customers, then you can’t become an eyelash artist. Therefore, it is very important to master the correct posture of holding forceps.

Everyone knows the standard of tweezers used by eyelash stylists, international double tweezers, one set of tweezers is used to separate the hair, called dolphin clips, and the other pair of tweezers is used to remove hair, called golden feather tweezers.
Three-finger tweezers, little finger, and ring finger for support

  • Separate the hair with tweezers on the left to separate the hair, and take the hair with the tweezers on the right
  • Place the tip of the tweezers on the pulp of the middle finger
  • The middle part of the tweezers is placed on the pad of the index finger, and the thumb is placed in the middle of the two fingers
  • Forceps gesture forming a triangular fixation.

How to practice?

1 hand stability exercise

Make two dots and one line docile, the root of the false eyelashes is just docile on the black dot and black line, do not exceed the black line, exceeding the black line means that when you graft a real person, you will touch the eye skin of the guest, you can calculate the time, You will find that your speed is getting faster and faster.

incline exercise for eyelash tweezers

When grafting the head, eye, and tail of the eyes, it should be inclined rather than vertical grafting, which is easy to get tired, and there will be pressure when the real person is operating, which will bring discomfort to the customer.

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