A Comprehensive Guide to Eyelash Extension Styles

It’s challenging to envision the beauty industry before the existence of Eyelash Extension Styles. Thanks to them, we can effortlessly transition from bed to the office, appearing wide-eyed and alert (even after a lively happy hour the night before). They have made the world of full lashes accessible to all, granting those without naturally long lashes the opportunity to indulge in their pleasures, fluttering our eyes with the best of them. However, individuals who have had unfavorable experiences with lash extensions can confirm that it’s not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. A skilled lash technician will carefully assess your unique eye shape and customize your extensions accordingly, rather than employing the same lash curl and length for all clients.

“Every client has unique eye features that are best suited to particular styles, curl patterns, and lash lengths,” elucidates renowned lash specialist Courtney Buhler.”While there are numerous styling choices available, the cat-eye shape is a commonly requested option, as it imparts the appearance of almond-shaped eyes,” adds lash expert Clementina Richardson

Eyelash Extension Styles

“Another popular choice is the understated form, often known as the ‘wide-eyed look,’ which creates a gentler contour for the client’s eyes.”

Almond Eyes: A Versatile Eye Shape for Lash Styling

Almond eyes are the most prevalent eye shape, characterized by being twice as wide as they are high. This balanced proportion makes them well-suited for almost any lash style.

“This eye shape is highly desirable and frequently requested,” states Richardson. “With almond eyes, there is ample versatility when it comes to shaping. Clients can opt for a rounder look or go for the classic cat-eye.”

Eyelash Extension Styles

“For those blessed with eyes shaped like almonds, I recommend requesting a standard C curl, achieving a balance that is neither overly curled nor excessively relaxed.” This provides room for artistic expression, depending on the desired outcome,” recommends Buhler. She further suggests that lash professionals contemplate a feline-eye design for clients aiming to elongate their inherent shape or an expansive-eye style for individuals seeking to accentuate their features.

Round Eyes: Enhancing the Alertness with Lash Styling

Round eyes possess a wide and alert appearance, but if not styled properly, they can inadvertently convey a surprised look,” advises Buhler. For clients with this eye shape, she suggests requesting a less curled lash, with the longest lengths focused on the mid-outer eye area, reminiscent of the cat-eye style.”Speaking in lash terminology, this corresponds to a B curl lash, which contributes to shaping the eyes with a more almond-like appearance.”

To soften the alertness of round eyes, Buhler recommends asking the lash technician for shorter lash lengths with a looser curl, such as the B curl.”This creates a more tranquil eye contour, providing the optical illusion of an almond-shaped look,” she clarifies.

Eyelash Extension Styles

 Downturned Eyes: Flattering Lash Styles for a Unique Shape

If you possess a downturned eye shape, it means that the outer corners of your eyes are positioned lower than the inner corner. “When it comes to downturned eyes, the most suitable lash styles are a modified cat-eye or a natural shaping,” advises Richardson.

Embracing the Allure of Cat-Eye Lash Styles

An upturned eye shape, often referred to as “cat-eyes,” presents the opposite characteristic of downturned eyes.

In this scenario, the outer edge of the eye is elevated compared to the inner corner. Richardson suggests that upturned eye shapes can greatly enhance their appearance with the cat-eye style, as upturned eyes can also exhibit almond-like contours.

Aftercare for Long-Lasting Lash Extensions

Richardson advises her clients to refrain from exposing their lashes to water for 48 hours, as the adhesive requires this time to fully cure. “Avoid using mascara, as it can unnecessarily manipulate the eye area, leading to premature shedding of both the extensions and the client’s natural lashes,” cautions Richardson.

Furthermore, refrain from vigorously rubbing the eyes, as it can lead to the shedding of lashes.

When it comes to maintaining lash health, prioritizing a strong foundation is crucial for the longevity of lash extensions. Richardson recommends incorporating a lash serum into the routine, as it helps fortify the base and prevents damage to the natural lashes. “Revitalizing serums are incredibly advantageous for individuals who wear lash extensions, providing ongoing care and ensuring their lashes maintain their optimal appearance,” elucidates Richardson. She specifically recommends her Luxuriating Lash Conditioner ($45), a unique blend of natural and botanical ingredients designed to optimize lash growth. “Serums contribute to increased density and length, and a stronger lash foundation ultimately leads to better lash retention.”

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