4 colored Lash Extension Styles to Experiment With experts

For lash technicians, it is crucial to provide clients with a diverse range of colored Lash Extension styles. While there is nothing amiss with adhering to a particular look, having the ability to offer variety is always appreciated. When clients seek something distinct, you have the power to make it a reality. This is where vibrant-colored lash extensions come into play. As lash artists, we are constantly thrilled to explore emerging trends and lash extension styles that enable clients to express their individuality.
In this blog post, we will delve into four daring styles that have taken the lash industry by storm. From lively-colored lash sets to ethereal-colored lashes, gradient lashes, and shimmering lash sets, there is a style to cater to every preference and create an impact. Uncover these attention-grabbing lash extension alternatives and elevate your appearance to new heights.

(full set or splash of color)

This is the epitome of timeless choices from the selection mentioned above. It involves applying a single color to both eyes. You have the flexibility to use two or more colors or simply stick with one for your client’s lash sets. This style is captivating and bold, offering a delightful touch of color without going overboard. It serves as a fantastic way to infuse a playful and lively element into your client’s appearance. They can fully embrace the vibrancy with a full set or opt for a subtle accent of color amidst their classic set. The color options span from vivid and striking to gentle pastels, ensuring a customized and personalized look.

colored Lash Extensions


Among the captivating combinations, wispy lashes hold a special place for creating a bold impression. This style imparts the illusion of increased lash length, achieved through a distinct technique. Adored by numerous lash artists, the wispy color lash set effortlessly delivers a significant impact while being incredibly simple to apply. It is an ideal choice for those seeking a softer, enchanting aesthetic. These lashes seamlessly blend the delicacy of wispy extensions with a touch of color, resulting in a dreamy and romantic allure. Select from subtle pastel tones or more vivid shades to achieve an enchanting, attention-grabbing appearance.


For a distinctive and unconventional look during your client’s next appointment, gradient lashes offer an ideal solution. When combined with other bold styles like glitter and wispy lashes, gradient lashes can provide an extra burst of color to accentuate the eyes.
This style is particularly well-suited for clients seeking a refined and sophisticated outcome. It complements individuals of all types beautifully. Gradient lashes present a superb choice for those desiring a style that exudes elegance and depth. This technique seamlessly blends two or more colors, resulting in a gradual transition that adds dimension and allure to the lash set. From subtle tonal shifts to striking color combinations, gradient lashes will undoubtedly captivate attention and leave a lasting impression.

colored Lash Extensions


For those seeking something truly extraordinary, this set offers a radiant display in a spectrum of dazzling shades!
This set is designed to embrace the inner glow of individuals. It incorporates delicate shimmer particles that catch and reflect light, producing a mesmerizing and luminous effect. Whether your client desires a complete set of shimmer lashes or wishes to incorporate subtle accents, this style will elevate their eyes to new levels of radiance, leaving an indelible impression. Shimmer lashes provide a playful and distinctive approach to infusing sparkle and luminosity into your lash repertoire. They can be applied as a comprehensive set or used as accent lashes, available in an array of colors and sizes to suit every personal style. With proper maintenance, these shimmering lashes can endure for several weeks, allowing your client to exude their shimmer and glow wherever they go!

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